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Is Topfakeid Legit?

No! They are bunch of Ukranian scammers, trying to steal your transfers by Western Union. STAY AWAY!

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So, you are considering buying a fake ID for any imaginable purpose, whether it is for attending parties, buying alcohol, or simply pranking someone. As always, Internet offers a lot of options, and is among the most popular ones. Hence, let's closely review its basic characteristics, and learn all about

Fake IDs from

Company operates solely on the US market. Thus, it is essential to evaluate the area they cover and thoroughly check if they meet the current standards for each state.

Variety of Fake IDs

Undoubtedly, in this aspect have no competitors, because they supply counterfeit IDs to all the states. Moreover, they do not forget to update their products in compliance with the new requirements, as soon as possible. Their store contains examples of novelty ID for each state with detailed description of material, features, measurements, etc., alongside with the price and even friendly advice on how and where to use your fake ID in this part of the country to avoid strict bouncers and enjoy the perks of fake identity.

Their Quality

Quality is a key element of this business. An Inaccurate replica will be nothing more than a useless piece of plastic. Authorities constantly add new specifications. Therefore, no feature, including material, hologram, laminating, magnetic stripe, or font, should be treated with negligence. Without proper expertise and technologies, it is impossible to maintain the necessary level of authenticity. However, guarantees the quality level, allowing you to pass the identification process almost anywhere. Indeed, judging by their web-page, this aspect of their craft is flawless and does not require any improvement.

  • They manufacture fake IDs from Teslin, PVC, and Polycarbonate (including DMV-grade one).
  • The vendor states that its counterfeit IDs pass Hologram, Bend, Blacklight (UV), Barcode & Scan tests. On their Reviews page one can find a video of their cards undergoing these tests.
  • They have a full team specifically for quality control.

How to Order Fake IDs from Topfakeid

Placing orders for something illegal must not be easy, due to the anonymity issues. Thus, let's see how well does manages to adjust the balance between being user-friendly and guarding their anonymity along with privacy of their clients.

Placing Orders on the Website

The Order section contains the automated form that the customer needs to fill in within 3 steps.

  1. How many IDs do you request? The options are single or group (for multiple IDs). As a bonus they send duplicates with the orders, even with the group ones. For instance, if you order 4 fake IDs, you'll receive 8 – one extra for each person.
  1. What state are you looking for? If you're buying for one state, choose it form the drop-down menu. For several states click "Different states".
  1. What payment method do you prefer? You'll find the short guide for Google Play and Amazon Gift Cards right in the form. If you select to pay with Bitcoin, instructions will be provided to you via e-mail after the form is completed.

Basically, this stage is easy, it is what comes after pushing the "Next" button that might cause problems with your novelty ID. First, if you decide to fill in the fields that are not marked as obligatory, such as hair color, age, address, expiry date, you'll risk estimating it wrongly and making your ID invalid. Hence, it would be wise to let "Fake ID Information Generating System" take care of all credentials. Overall, considering the subject, the order placing process is simple and does not require any sensitive information, e.g., social security number. In case you feel unsure, visit Guide & FAQ sections. You'll learn how to take a photo for your license and other useful things.

Refund & Reprints

The vendor labels its Reprint policy as flexible. This means they will make a new ID, in case the one that you received did not comply with your requirements, or they made any errors while manufacturing it. Obviously, that does not apply to the situations when the client was wrong and that lead to inaccuracy in data. Consequently, if you put in the wrong license number and the bouncer notices it, it is entirely on you. Thus, do not forget to check the details in the e-mail, you'll receive after placing the order and report any mistake to the Topfakeid team. Refunds are solely for the cases when the customer did not receive the product.

Delivery Methods and Costs

Undoubtedly, shipping illegal products calls for proper preparation and time. Although forged identifications are not hand-made, but photoshopped and printed, realistic imitation still requires efforts, attention, and, again, time. According to, each identification card undergoes through these stages of manufacturing and shipping:

  1. Gathering client's information (24 hours).
  1. Printing photo and other data on the template (1-2 days).
  1. Laminating, checking for errors, testing scannable and other important features (1 day).
  1. Preparing the package, hiding the IDs to mislead the customs and passing it on to the shipping company (1-5 days). Remember, that the company should e-mail you with the order number and tracking information.

Hence, in the best-case scenario it would take 4 days to even prepare the ID for shipping. Yet, this cautious approach is better than jeopardizing the whole process. Plus, with the declared delivery terms they still outbid their competitors.


Standard option is for those, who prefer to wait and get a free delivery service. It is conducted through the USPS, FedEx & DHL, and it usually takes up to 10-12 days to receive the package. The vendor claims that it was less than 10 days before the pandemic, but now the delays are inevitable.


With the Rush delivery option, you can get your novelty ID within 7-8 days for the extra fee of $75. Topfakeid recommends it as a preferable option during the challenging times of COVID-19. Sure, it is expensive, but it provides you with more guarantees that you'll receive the order in time.

How Much Do Fake IDs Cost?

The prices on are relatively high. Nevertheless, considering their quality and attention to details, $100-150 might be viewed as a reasonable reward for their product. Besides, they offer 10-30% discounts for group orders.

How to Pay at

Payment is always a delicate issue when it comes to this kind of business. Because both client and vendor need to remain anonymous, the company cannot use traditional methods to secure the payments.

Accepted Payment Methods accepts the most common payment methods in this market: gift cards and cryptocurrency. This way no bank details or financial information is provided, and both parties keep their privacy. However, for those who are not accustomed to these processes, they might generate concerns about security and seem a bit complicated.

  • Amazon Gift Cards. The process is simple: buy a card (or cards, because they have a value limit of $500) with your debit/credit card or cash, fill in the necessary info in the order form. Remember though that does not accept purchased online or electronic cards, only those bought in stores. In addition, you have to be located in the US to use the card.
  • Google Play Gift Cards & E-Gift Codes. E-Gift Codes are bought through PayPal, you can purchase as many as you need, considering the value limit of $100. You can find Gift Cards in a variety of local stores. Buy them using cash (count for the same limit of $500) or debit/credit card. Then provide the details of your Gift Card or E-Gift Code in the order form.
  • Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash. In order to pay in cryptocurrency, you need to obtain it through any available payment options. The promise to send you the instructions as soon as you place the order.

In order for you to not get lost in the difficulties of these payment methods, Topfakeid published comprehensive articles on how to pay them and how to buy bitcoins.

Customer Support

It is a nice surprise to know you can reach 24/7 customer support with your questions from Contact us page. Moreover, the team is based in the US, thus, there will be no misunderstanding due to differences in translation or pronunciation.

Pros and Cons of seems almost perfect. Nonetheless, they do have some disadvantages, one might consider before making a final decision.

Most important advantages of ordering from Topfakeid include:

  • High-quality materials, scannable features, attention to details, etc.
  • Wide range of states covered and regular updates.
  • The fastest shipping time.
  • 24/7 customer support.

Among the cons one might mention the following:

  • High prices and expensive delivery cost, if you choose to go with the Rush option.
  • They are relatively new to the market.
  • It would be nice to add Western Union & Money Gram as payment options.

Is Legit?

Clearly, nobody expects legitimacy from the site that makes money from forgery, and nobody can give you 100% guarantee that any internet company is not a fraud. However, really seems to be a legit vendor due to several reasons:

  • Illustrative photos have different angles and light sources, same photo is used for every example.
  • Video reviews and credentials from customers are published on the web-site.
  • It ranks 4.3 on Trustpilot, 4.09 on Sitejabber, and 5 on Fakeidboss.
  • They put a lot of efforts in the site, make detailed descriptions, write articles and guides.
  • You can contact them with a pre-order query.
  • They have a US-based customer support.
  • There are Reprint and Refund options.
  • They don't ask for any sensitive information.

12 thoughts on “ Review 2023 | Is Trustworthy?”

  1. Before filling in the form and making the order, my intuition had told me I was getting into something suspicious. Had never had a fake ID card before, but this year I suddenly realized that such a thing might make my life less complicated in some instance. Unfortunately, I should have followed my inner voice and either cancel the order or find another fake ID maker. The one I dealt with was unprofessional – the team never responds to your requests and the cards they make of horrible quality. I would never recommend such crap to any of my buddies.

  2. I am absolutely devastated! Those are not the results I had expected at all. My order was sent to the maker a few weeks ago and it was not urgent at all so the form had all the time they needed to manufacture the cards. Out of the three ID cards I ordered there was hardly a single one that would satisfy me. The only comment I can think of is that all this is just a scam. Random details such as weight or name the make put on my cards is far from being ‘high quality’ production.

  3. The fake ID maker personally I contacted a few months ago was another scam. My roommate and I decided we would start searching the web for the most trustworthy and recommended service. Once we found a firm, we made 2 orders. No doubt we paid the money, but, you won’t belive it, they state we still owe them! As many other reviews state, the staff hardly ever send your tracking number. That was the case with us as well. No info whatsoever! How on earth are we gonna find the stuff we ordered or return the sum we paid? I do not want to think that we’ve bumped into another scam! The worst part is that the maker won’t respond to our emails and we cannot know for sure if our order is in process or cancelled, etc..

  4. Empty promises only. I had high hopes and expectations first. But then I received my fake ID card and that was a total disaster! These cards also cost money and I did want to receive something more or less decent for the money they take for the stuff they manufacture. Not this time! The service is slow and mute if issues arise, so you’ll waste days in vain waiting for them to answer your messages. Next, the delivery time seems endless. I am lucky I received my order. As I now can see, there plenty of those who never see their fake ID cards!

  5. scam scam scam

    fucking poorfag scammers from Ukraine

    dont even try to buy from this bunch of thieves!

  6. For anyone wanting to know if this is legit… its not. I just ordered one the other day and got no email or response. Save your money!!!! Its a hugeee scam

    1. — This Website It’s a Scam.
      The owner of the website is hiding his identity.
      I strongly recommend you not to buy fake ID and/or any documents from this counterfeiting internet scam business, “”
      This website has many other websites linking to it, all scam business.
      They take your money and you’ll never get anything, and you’ll never heard back from the team.

  7. Total Scam, paid by Amazon gift card, plus $75 for express service and what you think was gonna happen? Yes, you’re right, nothing.
    Don’t waste your hard earned money. A shame that I can’t do literally nothing to get my $$ back.

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