Picture Tips

Best Fake ID vendors of the Web are ready to make a perfect Fake ID for you.

But you need to help them and make a top-notch photo of yourself. It should be just as good as the ones on your official documents. Do not worry, you do not need to be a professional photographer to cope with this task. Just follow the guidelines from this text and everything will be fine.

Two Key Rules to Get Started

Key rule number 1: avoid taking selfies. When a bouncer or vendor looks at your ID and sees a selfie, they will immediately understand that it is a fake. Some of our clients try to convince themselves and us that their selfies do not look like selfies. But they do! Professionals can tell a selfie from a studio photo at a glance.

Key rule number 2: use a good camera. It should not be a web camera or the camera of your old smartphone. But if you have a new powerful smartphone, then there is no need to borrow a professional camera — the quality of photos should be nearly identical.

Try to Look Neat and Clean

You should wear plain clothes without crazy prints. It should contrast with the background — for instance, a dark pullover against a light background. No hats, no glasses and no heavy make-up are accepted.

Smart Tips on Taking a Cool Picture for a Fake ID

Look at all the legal documents with photos that you have: passport, ID, driving license and so on. These should be your gold standard. Try to analyze every detail on these photos: how bright they are, what is the background, what is the distance between the top of your head and the upper edge of the photo and so on.

Buy a blue poster board for the background. It costs just a few dollars and it is an ideal option for fake ID pictures. Otherwise, you might use any clear and light background. By any means it should not be:

  • Wrinkled
  • Textured
  • Bright
  • Funny

Contrary to stereotypes, it is impossible to seamlessly photoshop the background. If it is bad from the onset, you will not be able to use this photo.

Enable the high-resolution mode and flash on your camera. Put the camera directly in front of you. It should be precisely at your eye level.

Look straight into the camera. You should either be serious or half-smiling. Do not smile too joyfully and do not make faces.

What Will Happen If You Send Us a Low-Quality Picture

We will not reject your order and will try to process it anyway. Of course, we will try to photoshop it. But it will be impossible to get rid of blurs, shades and some other defects. The most we can do is to convert a “bad photo” into a “more or less acceptable” one — at best. For this, we might charge you additional fees. Plus, you should be ready to wait a bit longer than usual.

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