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Guide for Choosing The Right Fake ID state


Most popular state – CALIFORNIA.

Best California Fake ID – IDGod

Easiest state – TENNESSEE

Best Tennessee Fake ID – Already21

Best choice for beginners – IOWA

Best Iowa Fake ID – ID-Hurry

The most asked question of students from all parts of America is – what state should my fake ID be from? Just go on and open any vendor’s website, and you’ll see this inquiry at the top of the FAQ section.

Naturally, pretending to be someone else requires skill, preparation, and, let’s be clear here, a lot of nerve. Sometimes you think that something is easy-peasy lemon squeezy, but it turns out to be difficult-difficult lemon difficult. Essentially, you will have to deal with the legislative requirements, new personal details, state info, and psychological pressure. Let’s take some of that weight off your shoulders with this contemporary list of the easiest IDs to fake in 2022.

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The pace of modern days forces people to be constantly busy. Hence, this navigation can be a real lifesaver in case you know exactly what you are looking for or want to revise some of the aspects you’ve already read about.

Why Are Some States Good Fake ID States?

Many articles tend to dance around the subject, forcing you to read about the history of a miraculous root vegetable that indigenous people domesticated 10 000 years ago when you simply wonder how to cook mashed potatoes. Whether they do it for entertainment or word count purposes, keeping readers in suspense or pushing the boundaries of their patience works best for detective novels, not informative manuals and instructions. Therefore, let’s dive right in without unnecessary explanations or walks down history lane.

So, if you’re here, you know what a personal identification (ID) is and what benefits you gain from using a fake one. Of course, there is no talk about human trafficking or trespassing on international borders (even darknet markets ban the first purpose as unethical). The IDs discussed are suitable to pursue the forbidden fruits that make your life more fun and comfortable, like:

  • taking your date to a bar/concert/restaurant/R-rated movie;
  • partying with your friends at a rented venue (instead of ruining your parents’ property);
  • online verification of your identity.

Overall, the United States takes the concept of strict parenting to another level, placing a 21-year-old age restriction on many exciting activities (the age limits may vary from state to state, but the difference is insignificant) and forcing the young generation to deceive bouncers or bartenders across the country. Thus, the never-ending game of cat and mouse continues. While authorities adopt fiercer regulations, rebellious youth and entrepreneurial forgers respond by hiding some new tricks up their sleeves.

Of course, you are aware that in the US, state authorities have a certain degree of autonomy and can regulate particular aspects of their residents’ lives. A lot of them are incredibly serious, such as abortion rights or marijuana usage. Meanwhile, some of them are rather peculiar and amusing. For instance, if you think that you can keep Christmas lights up ‘till March because this is your home (maybe you enjoy it or simply can’t stop procrastinating), the state of Maine will force you to take the decorations down after January 14. Furthermore, in Arizona, you should not let a donkey sleep in a bathtub (you can let him or her stand, though, if there is no other option).

Essentially, the legislation concerning personal identification also varies from state to state. Laws regulate both appearance and content of the document. This implies that each state has its requirements towards:

  • the fields and personal details that your ID should contain (name, age, gender, address, signature, etc.);
  • special marks (holograms, tangible or scannable elements, overlapping features, etc.);
  • template materials (e.g., polycarbonate or a specific type of ink).

Overall, the easiest IDs to fake are the ones that incorporate a minimum of personal info, do not challenge the imitator with advanced security features, and do not require rare materials.

Still, not only do the demands regarding identification documents differ depending on the state that issues them but also legal consequences for those who decide to use counterfeit or real ID to impersonate another person.

Important Learning Point

If you borrow your friend’s ID, find someone’s documents on a park bench, or steal your older brother’s driver’s license and use it to enter a club, it is still a crime, and the threat of legal prosecution is real.

Naturally, each state has its ways of punishing bold impersonators, but they can be organized into three major categories:

1. Jail

Misdemeanor Felony
Up to 1 year, although 30 or 90 days sentences are more common 1-10 years

2. Fine

Misdemeanor Felony
Generally, the amount is less than $500, but sometimes it can reach $1000 or more. Up to $100 000

3. Probation

This is one of the most desirable outcomes because all you need to do is behave like a law-abiding citizen, do not leave town, and report to your probation officer.

4. Counseling or community service

These options are non-punitive. Hence, they are often applied to first-time offenders.

Things to Consider

  • The circumstances of your crime will be considered altogether. For instance, if you use your fake ID to obtain alcohol, you will also be accused of alcohol possession while underage. Therefore, refrain from using your counterfeit documents to do something that can aggravate the situation. This, of course, includes irresponsible acts that can cause harm to you or people around you, like drinking and driving (definitely the wrong D&D option) or purchasing a gun.


Let’s say, you got a counterfeit ID, bought some liquor, had a party, and things got so out of hand that you accidentally let a donkey sleep in your bathtub. If this hypothetical situation happens in Arizona, you’ll have to deal with three separate charges.

  • Of course, in some states, a criminal record might affect your future college application or current university status, in case you’re already a student (if you’re lucky, only your parking privileges will be revoked but you also risk being dismissed from the institution).

While many activities that require a fake ID can have different age restrictions, in every state you have to be at least 21 to acquire and consume alcohol due to the National Minimum Drinking Age Act of 1984 (not quite Orwell’s terrifying dystopian future, but also a disappointment for many youngsters). This means that both the seller and the buyer get punished when the government finds minors in possession of alcohol. The establishments, retailers, or suppliers might face:

  • fines;
  • suspension or revocation of the license;
  • jail.

Thus, bouncers, bartenders, or merchants will be more determined to catch fraud when the state’s legislation is merciless in this respect. Plus, you should always add the venue’s status to the equation. If the establishment values its reputation, trying to get in there will be like attempting to storm a fortress.

If you already have a reputable and reliable fake ID vendor in mind (if you don’t, you can take a look at the pros and cons of the most prominent representatives of the market, such as ID-Hurry, IDGod, or Already21), here are the aspects that might give you a hint about whether a particular state is worth your money:

  • The number of orders. This is how you can effortlessly spot the most common fake ID states.
  • Reviews & ratings. Naturally, even when the location is popular, it does not guarantee that the chosen vendor does a decent job of replicating it.

Plus, do not forget that partly the responsibility is still yours. You have to be able to engage in a meaningful conversation about the state you are supposed to be from. Handling the questions from bouncers, bartenders, sellers, or administrators is like meeting a bear (or any other animal for that matter). Of course, the point is not that you should talk to a bear, but that you should keep calm and go through the process without panicking, screaming, or attacking the other person regardless of how badly you strive to do it.

Pro Tips

  • Your first instinct might be to order the ID of your home state, and that is a mistake. People who perform the inspection know their local document templates like the back of their hands. Chances are they will sniff that something is wrong almost at a glance.
  • Trying on someone else’s skin is not a walk in the park. You are not used to hearing your new name, you might forget what age you are supposed to be, or you may be unable to speak with the correct accent. Even the quality of your photo matters. If your vendor of choice doesn’t provide any instructions, you can learn how to make a photo for a fake ID here.

Summing up, if you’re struggling with how to pick a state for a fake ID, try to sort things out by applying these criteria:

  • Does it have many details that are challenging to replicate and can be easily messed up? This list includes holograms, elements revealed in the UV-A light (blacklight), or tangible and Guilloche features (these are almost impossible to pronounce correctly, let alone forge).
  • Is it made of costly materials? Not all vendors can afford expensive inks or polycarbonate.
  • Is it a common place to go when you plan to indulge in this kind of illicit affair? In case this type of behavior is tolerated in the area, you can expect your stunt not to attract any unnecessary attention. After all, this is a regular situation here, bouncers and other administrators are accustomed to it and let it slide.
  • Are its drinking culture welcoming and legislation compassionate? Make sure that the location you opt for is not too puritan about underage drinking, distressed about its reputation, or rigorous about identity fraud.
  • Does it fit your profile? The state you choose should be easy for you to describe.


Naturally, the absence of mandatory features and wrong positioning/inaccurate depiction of them will unveil your charade immediately. Let’s say, your provider did not have the money to put on UV ink on your fake ID or was sloppy while overlapping the elements. This usually equals a failed mission.

Yet, it would be unfair to blame everything on vendors. In case you were too lazy or nervous to remember the basic info about your fake persona, such as name, date of birth, or when your license expires, the miscarriage of the operation is on you.

Keep in mind

When a bouncer, a bartender, or an administrator asks you seemingly harmless questions like, ‘What brought you here?’, ‘How is the weather in Maine?’, or, ‘Always wanted to visit Nebraska. What would you recommend seeing there?’, they are putting your identity to the test. If you get hesitant and nervous, attempt to dodge the question, or start improvising your answer, it does not mean that you have blown your cover, but it might raise some red flags. Just continue to be as cool as a cucumber and avoid saying something nonsensical (e.g., claim that you went hiking when all the routes in this region are almost impossible to track because of snow at this time of year).


All the ID samples featured in this article are retrieved from the official websites of the corresponding state governmental bodies solely for illustrative purposes.

Florida Fake ID

Naturally, no one enjoys being recognized as a ‘drinking state’, especially when you have one of the highest rates of binge drinking among students. Hence, the Florida government decided that its policy toward fake IDs should be toughened in an endeavor to drastically change this embarrassing reputation. Of course, this resulted in a new & more secure design of their identification documents combined with stricter rules for counterfeit ID & alcohol possession.

You might wonder why it is on this list of good fake ID states, and it is a perfectly valid question. For better or worse, the state’s policy turned out to be futile. If you are a student of Florida University, you know that bars around the campus will exert every effort to lure young, beautiful, and wild audiences to their premises. They know that this demographic accounts for a substantial part of their revenue. So, they are ready to turn a blind eye to certain things.

General Outline

Security Features Punishment for Fake ID Penalty for Alcohol Possession (for minors)
Tactile elements Fine (up to $5000) $500 fine & 60 days in prison (second-degree misdemeanor, first time)
Ultraviolet (UV) ink Jail (up to 5 years) $1000 fine & 1 year in prison (first-degree misdemeanor, second time)
Optically variable features Up to 1 year and/or $1000 (for the first-time offenders) 6-12 months of license suspension (for first-time offenders)


Pay close attention to the reviews and ratings of the product you are buying because the document’s template has some difficult-to-replicate elements. Plus, try to visit the places that are known for their negligent attitude toward fake IDs.

Texas Fake ID

Texas has always been a place for people who are as tough as nails. But when you work hard, you have to party even harder, right? That is why a multitude of craft breweries & brewpubs, a plethora of distillers that produce anything that can make your blood run faster (from gin to brandy), and wineries that can make the pickiest snobs happy turn this state into a magnet for adventurous spirits from all over the country, including minors with fake IDs.

However, local identification documents (driver’s license or identification card) are not easy to forge. They are made of polycarbonate, have tactile features, and have Guilloche overlapping. Still, do not get crestfallen right away. The punishment here is not so severe. Hence, that’s up to you to decide if you’re willing to take the risk.

General Outline

Security Features Punishment for Fake ID Penalty for Alcohol Possession (for minors)
Polycarbonate Fine (up to $2000) $500 fine (first time)
Laser engraving & tactile text Jail (up to 180 days) $250-2000 fine and/or 6 months in prison (second time)
Magnetic strip + PDF 417 Barcode 30 days of license suspension (for first-time offenders)
Ghost photo (secondary image of your photo overlapped with a Guilloche pattern) 8-12 hours of community service (first-timers)


These state documents are quite exquisite when it comes to security features. Yet, you might order one if you know a vendor with an impeccable reputation and a big enough budget to pull this off because the penalties are not that intense.

Georgia Fake ID

Let’s be honest, tasty peaches of Georgia just call for some fruitful and pleasant activities. That’s why, if you are a student from Georgia State, you are aware that neither university police nor bars and stores near campus care about the illegal activities of underage residents.

Still, the government isn’t that nonchalant about the issue. While the punishment isn’t as merciless as in many other states, the number of complex to-replicate elements is definitely impressive.

General Outline

Security Features Punishment for Fake ID Penalty for Alcohol Possession (for minors)
Polycarbonate + tamper-resistant coating Misdemeanor: up to 1 year in jail Community service, probation, fine, or jail
Digital signature + overlapping signatures Felony: 10 years in prison (maximum) Academic probation or suspension
Inventory control number + PDF 417 Barcode Suspension of driving privileges
High-resolution photo + ghost photo


This state is definitely a safe space for all the young, wild, and adventurous. Yet, do not rush blindly into exploring this wonderful world, find a trustworthy vendor first.

Iowa Fake ID

Of course, there is always an infinite flow of thirsty pilgrims to the crowded New York, Texas, or California. However, Iowa distillery tours can also bring your taste buds into heaven. You cannot survive harsh winters without knowing a few recipes to warm up. Plus, if you are a member of a Greek community here, you know that no force can tame these young hearts craving freedom and fun.

But (unfortunately, there is always a ‘but’, as you might have noticed) the state’s government does not give up easily. They have an elaborate plan to decrease the number of minors in possession of alcohol (especially, bought using a counterfeit ID). Therefore, the regulations concerning these misdemeanors are bound to get even tighter with time.

General Outline

Security Features Punishment for Fake ID Penalty for Alcohol Possession (for minors)
Laser-engraved ghost photo, laser-engraved DOB Fine ($430-$2 560) Fine ($100 for the first time and $500 for the second violation)
Overlapping signature of the Iowa DOT director on the photo Jail (up to 1 year)
2D Barcode Suspension of driving privileges (or completing a substance abuse evaluation in case of the second MIP charges)
Optical-variable (color-changing) image of the State of Iowa’s Capital dome


Iowa is not a state with top-notch security features, severe punishments, or an uncompromising attitude toward minors who want to have some fun. Moreover, it has a great selection of wineries and breweries. Yet, be sure to check if the government didn’t manage to take another step in its responsible drinking program.

California Fake ID

‘California dreamin’…’, yes, The Mamas and the Papas were picturing the perks of being in this warm and hospitable place during a cold and hostile winter day. There is no need to explain to you what this location can offer when it comes to pleasure and entertainment. Still, being this figurative Mecca for all sorts of beach bums, the state was one of the first ones to adopt severe punishments for both fake ID and MIP.

General Outline


Security Features Punishment for Fake ID Penalty for Alcohol Possession (for minors)
Laser-engraved ghost photo, tactile signature, and 3D tactile DOB Misdemeanor: jail (up to 1 year) and/or fine (up to $1000) $200 fine ($500 in case it is a second offense)
Ultraviolet (UV/blacklight) printed variable data + Full-color UV ghost image Felony: jail (up to 1 year) and/or fine (up to $1000) Community service, alcohol/drug treatment
Laser perforation Probation, community services, 1-3 year suspended driver’s license Mandatory admission to the youthful drunk driver program
2D barcode and magnetic stripe Various university consequences, ranging from not being allowed to study abroad to dismissal from the university 1-year driver’s license suspension


If you know places and have a professionally designed fake ID, you will be golden, like the sand at the Californian beaches. But if something goes wrong, you risk ending up being blue and salty like the ocean waters.

Worst Fake ID States or What Fake IDs to Avoid

Truth be told, with the unfolding campaigns against irresponsible behavior among minors, it is hard to call any state a genuinely safe harbor for counterfeit IDs. However, some factors can help mitigate the risk, while others significantly increase it. You already know what attributes contribute to a supposedly ‘good’ fake ID state. Let’s try to rule out the traits inherent to the fake ID states to avoid:

  • They are not common and might attract excessive attention to your persona.
  • Their inhabitants traditionally preserve a non-indulgent drinking culture, or their government adopted strict legislation.
  • They involve sophisticated or advanced materials/features.
  • Their distinctive characteristics do not fit your profile or require too much effort to remember. For instance, you can’t master the accent or invent a believable backstory.

Complicated Features (e.g., Utah or Wisconsin)

You know how they say, ‘It’s always the quiet ones’. It is almost impossible to believe that the states where their own citizens might not be thrilled to call these places home exert this much effort to protect their identification documents from forgery (seriously, the Badger State has the most secure ID template in the country). Probably, this situation occurred because everyone who wanted a fake ID thought it would be safer to take the least obvious road.

Utah Wisconsin
DOB printed in red + laser-engraved Laser-engraved, high-definition, and high-contrast image (fully integrated, not layered) + ghost photo
The laser-engraved ghost image of the photograph Polycarbonate
Laser ablation over the photograph A tactile signature, DOB, expiration date, driver’s license, and ID numbers
Guilloche security feature (waves & patterns printed in fine lines) Ultraviolet (UV/blacklight) ink on intricate images of the Capitol and state flag

Grave Legislative Consequences (e.g., Washington or New York)

It is extremely tempting to be a part of New York. Moreover, you might assume that due to its wild nightlife, New Yorkers are unprecedentedly tolerant towards small illicit businesses of those who seek fun and pleasure.

Meanwhile, the state has some serious standards to keep up with when it comes to its image. Truth be told, some people keep wondering why New York isn’t the capital of the United States (guess what: it was, but it didn’t work out for other states that wanted to be represented equally). When you are that famous, the nobility obliges you to have a cutthroat punishment for bold impersonators to preserve your reputation. That is why, when you deliberately use a fake ID to deceive another person (you know it is a counterfeit document, and it was specifically manufactured for you), in this state it is classified as a class D felony (Criminal Possession of a Forged Instrument in the Second Degree). This means that you can be punished with a possible seven-year prison sentence and a fine determined by the court.

Too Exotic (e.g., Alaska or Hawaii)

You will pay extra attention to a parrot among pigeons. The same thinking pattern applies to a situation when you try to pass as a resident of an exotic region. Bartenders, bouncers, administrators, and sellers will definitely look closer into your documents because you are a rare guest. In addition, they might start bombarding you with questions. They will probably do it out of curiosity, and not some sinister plan to unmask your disguise. But you still have to preserve your facade to go on with your spectacle, and it will be significantly more challenging than in other, more normal circumstances.

Final Thoughts

Fake ID can become your lifesaver. You can turn to it to buy alcohol, see the movies and concerts that you like, attend and throw parties, or even drive home to that special someone before your love story turns sour. Yet, ‘with great power comes great responsibility’. Contemporary state penalties and security features continue to become more sophisticated, elaborate, and fierce.

This does not mean that you should not get one if it seems appropriate. Like with other questionable or illicit affairs, you can get anything you crave – the only trick is to be aware of the consequences and remain cautious. Make sure to choose the places that are still negligent when it comes to young masterminds and their schemes, or have not incorporated advanced security features. After all, would you consider buying a fake ID if you weren’t an adventurous, risk-it-all type? Yes, that’s the point.

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