IDHurry Review 2023 |Is ID Hurry Really A Good Service?

All About ID Hurry

Believe it or not, but illegitimate business is still a business, and its profits depend primarily on the ability to attract and retain customers. One cannot become a successful enterprise without high-quality goods, attractive price, swift delivery service, or approachable customer support. This IDHurry review aims to evaluate each of these aspects in order to answer the only question that matters while you try to determine if the vendor is worth your money: is IDHurry a good service?


How to Buy A Fake ID from IDHurry

If in the times of shady alleys and darknet buying a fake ID was the kind of adventure that made your adrenaline rush, nowadays, it is almost as ordinary as ordering food or a new T-shirt. However, since none of the parties are fully protected by the law, it is vital to design the process in a way that allows both parties to get the desirable outcome without violating privacy. For the most part, IDHarry managed to model the order placing procedure in a simple and efficient manner.

Choose Your State

Unsurprisingly, the US market is the world's major consumer of novelty IDs. Therefore, the vast share of counterfeit ID producers chooses to operate solely in this area. IDHarry is not an exception. The range of states it supplies with replicas of identification documents is not complete, but is still impressive. ID cards and driver's licenses from almost all 50 states (with few exceptions) are within reach, you just need to open the Shop section of their upper menu.

After you find the item you need, click on it to get more information because it is essential to perform a through quality check of the product you are going to buy, especially when you plan to use it for an illegal purpose. The page contains 3 significant segments:

  • Detailed description of the product with all the crucial features that you need to know about, such as template material, holograms, magnetic stripes, bar codes, UV and scannable features, etc.
  • Useful information about particular state and its policy towards drinking alcohol and entering bars.
  • Customer reviews.

Thorough representation of the product coupled with high quality photos taken from different angles with diverse light sources and multiple client's credentials indicate that IDHurry specialists actually are experts in this particular craft of imitating documents. Moreover, their refund policy is exceptional. It implies that IDHurry is eager to send you all the payment back in case you cut your fake ID in pieces and e-mail them a photo without indicating any reason for your dissatisfaction. This level of confidence is indeed impressive.



Fill Out an Order Form

When it comes to submitting online forms, there are 4 basic rules you need to follow in order to ensure that everything goes smoothly:

  • Unless it's some official government/administrative form, do not provide any sensitive personal information, like social security number. IDHurry asks strictly for the data that is required to produce your novelty ID which is a really convincing argument in favor of excluding them out of a scammers list.
  • It's better to leave blank the fields that are not marked as mandatory in order to avoid any miscalculations or unfortunate mistakes. Even a truly authentic replica wouldn't be eligible in case it has wrong info, and it would not be a vendor fault.
  • Always double-check the information, including the number of items you're ordering. IDHurry accepts group orders which gives you an excellent opportunity to supply all your friends with counterfeit IDs and party together. It is also a pleasant bonus that they provide a free duplicate for every manufactured ID.
  • Make sure that the photo you upload complies with the compulsory requirements. As for novelty ID picture, just imagine that you're taking a photo for a real ID card/driver's license. In case you still need detailed instructions, visit IDHurry's article on "How to make a photo". They conveniently placed it on the website's upper menu, so you don't have to google it.

Submit an Order Form

When all the required fields are filled in, you need to press the "Add to cart" button. Then go to your cart, select preferable shipping method, and click "Proceed to checkout". Payment is the last stage of the process. Because IDHurry accepts only bitcoins, you don't really have a choice but to select Bitcoin payment, after that you can "Place order".

There are certain aspects that a customer should keep in mind while submitting an order. First, bitcoins have to be purchased in advance. Second, the acquired cryptocurrency should be sent to a specific address after the order is placed, because the manufacturing process starts only after a client transfers a payment. A confused user can find the direct algorithm of the procedure in the "How to pay" section of the upper menu.

Pricing of ID Hurry

Although counterfeit IDs aren't handmade anymore, it requires a lot of efforts and expertise to make them. In addition, ideal imitation cannot be achieved without state-of-the-art equipment, sophisticated technologies, and hours of hard work. Therefore, you cannot expect fake identification documents to be cheap. IDHurry prices range from $80 to $110 depending on the state. In case virtual ID is sufficient for you, you can obtain ID card or driver's license of any state for $80.

Undoubtedly, it is a substantial sum for an underage student. For that reason, ID Hurry introduced progressive discounts for group orders of 3 or more IDs starting from 20%. With this generous offer the deal starts to seem much more lucrative.

Payment Options for This ID

IDHurry firmly stands on the position that paying for fake IDs with cryptocurrency is the only way to guarantee the anonymous status for both parties which is crucial in order to avoid prosecution. Thus, it is understandable why they reject PayPal, Transferwise, Western Union, or Transferwise. However, it doesn't explain why they are so rigid about such widely accepted methods as Google and Amazon gift cards. They mention those cards among ways to purchase bitcoins, so why wouldn't they just skip the intermediary?

Although IDHurry stresses multiple times that bitcoin is the only available payment option, DASH is also presented during the checkout process. Hence, let's study both cryptocurrencies.


Bitcoin is safe, popular and widely recognized that is why it is listed as the first and most suitable variant. In the "How to pay" section you can find a variety of places to buy it, alongside with the explicit instructions and video tutorials.


Paying with DASH is also a secure payment method, but it's even faster and inherits enhanced confidentiality with the new code additions. Yet, it is not so widespread and easy to gain.


ID Hurry Shipping

As soon as IDHurry's specialists receive the payment, they start to manufacture your identifications. Generally, it takes 72 hours to produce the IDs. When the number of replicas exceed 20, you'll have to wait at least 96 hours but IDHurry claims that the quality will be impeccable. You can verify that everything is correct as they send you scans via e-mail. In case there are no complaints, they ship the order. Of course, sending illegal objects is a tricky procedure. Therefore, careful preparation of stealth is obligatory and the time it takes must also be taken into account.

ID Hurry shipping has 3 available options:

  • Free (Standard shipping) takes 5-7 business days.
  • With Express shipping you can pick up the package within 2 business days for $15.
  • International shipping is an expensive and complicated process, so it takes $30 and 7-14 business days to deliver the goods.

Holiday Delivery

Naturally, holidays are a busy time for fake ID vendors. Thus, customers must be prepared that manufacturing and shipping might take longer than expected. In case you want to have big celebration, order beforehand.

Standard Delivery

If you take a look at the FAQ page, you'll notice that IDHurry indicates 10 business day as the average delivery period which is relatively fast. Still, there is always a possibility of unexpected circumstances, such as equipment failure, supply delay, or unprecedented number of orders. Do not forget to take that into consideration.

How Does ID Hurry Tracking Work?

After the order is shipped, IDHurry sends you an e-mail notification with a tracking number.

Mobile Apps for Tracking

As technologies evolve, it becomes easier to check the location of your parcel. With a mobile application and ID Hurry tracking number you can do it at any given moment. There are 2 options to receive status updates:

  • Apps that gather information from various delivery services (DHL, etc.), like TrackChecker.
  • Tracking application of a particular postal service, e.g., Informed Delivery by USPS (the United States Postal Service).


Customer Support

Although IDHurry doesn't offer 24/7 customer support, they are approachable and willing to communicate. You can find all the necessary links at their Contact page.

Is ID Hurry Really A Good Service?

After a long reflection process and scrupulous analysis, it's time to answer the principal question: is IDHurry legit or is IDHurry a scam? Unfortunately, there is no answer to this question that would be 100% accurate. If a fraud always looked like a fraud, our crime rate would be significantly lower. Nonetheless, there are certain factors indicating that IDHurry is more likely to be legit than a scam.

  • They cover a wide range of states.
  • Counterfeit IDs have all the necessary features and are indistinguishable from the real ones.
  • Cheap prices would be suspicious, while reasonable $100 price with a 20% discount looks fair.
  • Detailed descriptions, a variety of topic-related articles, user-friendly interface, and client-oriented content show that IDHurry invests a lot of efforts into building a solid reputation and winning customers' trust.
  • Customer feedbacks and credentials are published on the webpage.
  • In case of any doubts, you can submit as many pre-order quires as you need.
  • IDHurry reviews on the aggregator websites leave mixed impression, but plenty of them (both positive and negative) correspondent to the topic. Thus, treat seriously only those of them that elaborate on problems and present supported claims.

Despite the fact that it might consider making some improvements, like adding new states and payment methods, in general IDHurry leaves an impression of a good service that longs to become the best.


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13 thoughts on “IDHurry Review 2023 |Is ID Hurry Really A Good Service?”

  1. Four weeks is not too long when you know that once you receive your ordered fake ID, your life will ever be the same again lol . Passive pastime is not an option when you are a student willing to participate in so much action. The lockdown has been killing us all for the past year and now I’ll try to do my best to catch up for the most opportunities – thanks to my TX fake ID card from id-hurry that I ordered a few weeks ago, I currently can feel completely free to do whatever I want and to go wherever I need. Great quality, speedy service, EVERYTHING is super!

  2. It’s kind of weird to hear some say that their fake IDs are not what they really expected to receive
    They seem to never want to use them and simply leave negative comments to make others believe this stuff does not work. I DO know for sure fake IDs from IdHUrry are great – the quality is superb and they have helped me out in so many venues and situations! Gonna use mine for the nearest 2 years for sure cuz there are no other alternatives at times!

  3. Thanks to IDHurri for the job well done!

    I am fully satisfied with my ID. I’ve never had anything like that before and hey guys they do make your life way much more fun and simple. Made an order and paid the indicated sum. Received my Florida card after about three weeks, which was faster than I had expected. No scam and leave your worries – you’ll get your cards even if the support team cannot reply to your requests immediately. Stay patient instead if leaving negative comment! The only thing I regret is that I didn’t order a fake ID card a long time ago =(

  4. Yesterday that was my very first time I had use my fake ID from them.

    It did work pretty well. I hope it’s not just a ‘happy’ accident. Soon will need it for another few events. By the way, summer is coming up (fuck off covid19) – I’ve already made plenty of arrangements for June-July. My plans include a few cool parties and the only way I’ll be allowed there is if I present my fake ID. Can’t wait to see if it will work. I know it will, but it’s a bit too good to be true…

  5. Both my buddy and me are pleasantly surprised with the quality of our newly made fake ID cards.

    The most impressive part of all this is no doubt the photoshop work the team made! We intend to try our new IDs in the nearest two weeks since we ordered them for a special occasion. Our decision was based on other customers’ reviews and recommendations so when sending the order we knew the service won’t let us down. We will be delighted to refer our friends to the site so that others would also have greater opportunities to go to fascinating places and venues ;))

  6. received my Florida ID a 2 days ago. paid $150 without discount, no hassle
    top qual, id scans, UV is great

  7. Order Arizona ID. Sent photo and clear instructions on what info I needed on ID. I choose Bit coin and they sent me the instructions. I received my package roughly 2 weeks later. It was hidden in a 30 page tractor brochure. If you get some weird mail, look thru it carefully. I had to look thru mine 3x times to actually find it hidden inside a page. I was nervous at first upon ordering especially after no responses after 2 weeks. Then one day it showed up. Perfect ID. Passed several inspections, even a Police checkpoint

  8. xxxxxxlivealotxxxxx

    Does the two day shipping actually work? I ordered mine yesterday and just want to know if I realistically can expect it to come in this week because I need it. Please lmk lol

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