IDGod Review 2023 | Is ID God Legit or Just Another Scam

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  1. Oldest Fake ID vendor on the Internet (Check Bwog, USAToday and NYTimes)
  2. Formerly known as IDChief 2.0
  3. All states! (California, Alaska, Utah, you name it)
  4. Prices? Your wallet will thank you.
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Is IDGod a Scam?

If you are interested in fake IDs, the name of the IDGod vendor should ring a bell with you. But being a newbie, you might be unsure of whether you should trust this brand. In this ID God review, you will find an honest answer to the question "Is IDGod legit?" and examine the process of using this service from the moment of placing the order to receiving the package.

Wait, who is real IDGod? I've seen plenty of IDGod websites!


Right. There are about a dozen (!!!)  sites claiming to be the the real IDGod lol. Buying your fakie from any of them is waste of money. Any purchase =  you are scammed. Bitcoin is gone. So, there is a blacklist of IDGod imposters (some of them):



IDGod Fake ID Review

This fake id vendor entered the market in 2008 (yeah, that's old) and has turned into a household name in the fake ID industry since then.

old idgod site
old idgod site

The IDs they make would effortlessly convince any cashiers or bouncers that you have already come of age. People eagerly buy these fake ID cards for parties, networking events and many other occasions. They are entirely indistinguishable from the real ones and never fail.

How to Order a Fake ID from ID God

First, you don't need to create an account on the ID God site. The vendors goes to great lengths to guarantee maximum privacy for its customers — this is why they do not save people's passwords in their database. Your account will be linked to your email after a purchase. Please make sure you can access this email at any moment and save the password — in case you lose it, ID God would not be able to restore it. The history of all your orders will be saved in your account.

To place an order for fake IDs, you need to carry out the following steps:

  1. On the ID God site, glance through the detailed instructions on how to prepare the data that would be placed on your ID, such as your photo and signature.
  2. To place an order, fill in an online form. It should not be difficult at all — but if you have any questions, the customer service team would be glad to answer them.
  3. Pay for your order — the exact procedure will be described in detail below, in the corresponding section of the article.
  4. After you confirm the payment, your order will receive the IDGod Info Sent status, which might remain there for several hours or even days.
  5. As soon as the ID God team processes your order, its status would change to Payment Received.

Finally, you would need to wait a couple of days for your order to be shipped (depends on your type of shipping).

ID God Prices

The pricing of this company is affordable even in its standard option. But if you aim to economize, you can cut down the cost a bit.

Also, you can check IDGod prices page.

IDGod Discount


Get 8% off all fake IDs as a GoFakeID reader!

Just use this code at checkout:


How Much Do Fake IDs Cost

The price varies depending on the number of the identity cards that you order:

  • 1-2 IDs cost $80-90
  • 3-9 IDs are priced $80 each
  • 10 or more IDs cost $70 each

Regardless of how many items you order, you would receive not only the original ID, but also a duplicate which is included in the price.

What Does the Price Depend On

Those planning to order a large batch of IDs (20 or more) should get in touch with the ID God team to discuss a possible discount. The exact percentage of the potential discount depends on the factors mentioned below:

  • The volume of your order
  • The state where it has to be delivered
  • The date of the order. If the company is not too busy, it would be glad to offer you a discount. If the order influx is large enough, you might be required to pay the standard price.

You can also look for coupons on profile sites to obtain a discount.

How to Pay With Bitcoin On IDGod

Even if you have never made a single cryptocurrency transaction yet, you would find the payment process genuinely simple. Below, we share a detailed step-by-step instructions on how to pay with Bitcoin IDGod:

  1. Locate the nearest Coinstar kiosk. There are thousands of them across the country.
  2. Go to this kiosk and select the "Buy Bitcoin" option. Glance through the transaction terms attentively and type in your phone number.
  3. Insert dollar banknotes into the cash acceptor. The maximum accepted limit is $2,500, which should be enough even for a large order.
  4. Receive a voucher with a Bitcoin redemption code.
  5. Open the ID God order form and submit the payment.

The Bitcoin price is not stable and might change any second. If you pay for your IDs within 24 hours after acquiring the cryptocurrency, ID God would accept that price that was valid at the moment of purchase. Even if the price significantly drops down immediately after you buy the coins, you would not need to pay a surcharge.

This payment method is remarkably reliable and confidential. If you have any questions regarding Bitcoin transactions, the ID God team will be happy to answer them before you start the purchase procedure.

Other Payment Options

If if there are no Coinstar kiosks nearby, you can buy bitcoin with almost anything: Apple Pay, Zelle, Cash. Just check

Please avoid using cards in Western Union offices and pay in cash instead. With this payment method, cards might be declined too often.

If you have a gift code, you just need to type it into the corresponding field to pay for your order.

IDGod Shipping Options

You can opt for either normal or express delivery. In both cases, the package will arrive timely and without a hitch. The cost of the shipping is included in the price of the order.

But please be careful when filling in the form and inputing the delivery address. If you make a misprint, ID God will ship the order precisely to the location that you indicated. You will need to either collect the package from there or order a new one from scratch.

However, if you wrote the correct address but the shipper made a mistake, they will try to make up for it as promptly as possible and at their expense. Yet in 99.9% of cases, everything goes smoothly and one would be very unlikely to face any delivery issues.

Free shipping

The standard delivery process takes 7-10 days. The countdown starts at the moment when the order status in your user profile gets updated to Payment Received.

The project administration team asks customers to wait these three weeks patiently. Those who try to get in touch with the ID God team and ask if they can accelerate the process will be informed that it is impossible to interfere with the business mechanisms. If you cannot afford to wait for 7-10 weeks, feel free to resort to the Express or ASAP option described in detail below.

In your user profile, you can track the delivery process. Updates are timely and comprehensive. After the order arrives at the address that you indicated, you have 30 days to collect it.


The express format at ID God differs from the conventional approach to this type of service. The vendor is permanently busy, so your order will not be processed quicker than someone else's, but its delivery will take less than 1 week. However, it is impossible to foresee the exact arrival date in advance. It might be, for example, 2 weeks instead of 3.

When ordering 1 ID in express mode, you are required to pay an extra $19.99 on top.

ASAP Shipping

This is hot. IDGod will delivery your fake ID next day after order (however, it could take up to 36 hours)

How to Track your IDGod Order

The tracking process is genuinely simple and you will not need to pay extra for it. After you pay for your order, its status in your user profile changes to Payment Received. Then, the evolution of the status looks like this:

  • In Progress — it means that the ID God team is working on your order
  • Ready to Ship — your IDs are printed and will be sent to you soon
  • Shipped — the order has left the ID God facility in China
  • Shipped with Tracking — the package is on its way to you.

In the last stage, you can monitor the state of your order on the shipper's site, using the unique tracking number.

Fake ID God Stores

If you check people's reviews about ID God on the Internet, some of them are negative. Customers might say, for instance, that the license number was not clearly visible, or that the document failed to pass the legitimacy test. This might happen because people placed their orders not at the real ID God but at one of its numerous copycats. Many people envy the success of this company and try to illegally use its name to offer identical services. But because of their lack of competence and experience, they would never be able to compete with the original store.

What Is the Real Store

The one and only ID God store issues top-notch fake IDs, ships them on time and never lets its customers down. It is the sole version of this project that you can trust. Whenever you get to know about a "branch", a "spin-off", an "alternative" or whatever, do not trust these clones. Please resort to the original ID God that has been enjoying an impeccable reputation ever since its inception and provides credible guarantees for its services.

Advantages and Disadvantages of IDGod

Even the staunchest critics of this business can find only two faults with it:

  1. IDGod shipping takes some time. Even if you opt for express delivery, you will not be able to obtain the package immediately.
  2. There are fake ID God copycats that try to imitate the original business yet fail to offer a comparable level of quality. Please make sure you resort to the services of the real ID God and not a clone.

The numerous advantages of the project confidently outweigh its shortcomings. ID God prices are kept at a competitive level and remain affordable to a vast audience. The process of placing an order is genuinely simple and one can choose between different payment options. The quality of the IDs is top-notch, so one can easily pass the identification procedure at any institution. You can comfortably carry the document with you, knowing that it is durable and would not fade over time. The delivery happens on schedule — and if you want to accelerate the process, feel free to opt for express shipping. Thousands of clients who have ordered and used ID God fake identity cards since the project's inception leave largely positive reviews about this venture and eagerly recommend it to their friends, colleagues and acquaintances.

Is IDGod Legit?

Hopefully, this IDGod review came in handy and you received comprehensive answers to the questions: "Is IDGod a scam?", "How to track an IDGod order?" and "How long does IDGod take to deliver?". This fake id vendor has been in business for 10 years already and has been setting the bar consistently high ever since. Whenever you need a high-quality scannable ID made according to the official template, feel free to place an order on this site.

Also, please let us know what do you think about IDGod in comments section below!

19 thoughts on “IDGod Review 2023 | Is ID God Legit or Just Another Scam”

  1. Do not worry – you get what you order.
    The maker you choose have catered to many other customers and knows what needs to be done! Look around the next time you go out to some night club or concert and you’ll see hundreds of teens around. How do you think they get there? Of course the only way for such folks to enter the best venues is to get a fake ID!

    I am sooooo freaking happy that my boyfriend helped me find the most reliable fake ID card producer (true true). I can finally start living my life to the fullest lol. Hey, if anyone still in doubt – go ahead and get yourself a fake card so that you could feel the taste of real life. Not much to lose anyways – They are affordable and are worth the dough you pay for these things…

  2. I lost my old fake ID a couple of months ago. Now I’ve got me another one from idgod dot to. Will keep it in a safe place. I am actually a relatively experienced user and know that fake IDs are wonderful.
    Nowadays the make can offer fake IDs with holos that no one could ever tell from the real ones. Mine has been checked and tested with UV often enough for me to state that fake IDs look as real as your life! Perfect alternative for those who are active and cannot wait. Why not, indeed? Love the idea and opportunities it gives!

  3. I wish all online stores were as professional and prompt with orders as the one I contacted!

    The fake ID cards they offer are of high quality and you can use them whenever you need to relax in a nice place with your folks.

    The product they have will never disappoint you even if your expectations are great. They can boast some of the most recently invented means and measures that protect documents: holos and UV symbols are all included so even a skilled and professional staff with their testers would never tell your fake ID card from the real one!


  4. SuspiciousStonks

    Woowww! That’s incredible folks! Last time we went out and dropped by the local night club to see what was going on there – dozens of people and the popular beats coming out from inside attracted our attention, luckily, I had my california fake ID card on me and used it. It passed the security and the UV symbols on it proved my identity no problem. It worked perfectly well even though I was prepared for the most ‘unexpected’ outcome. The guards allowed us to pass and we stayed at the party all night long. Be certain – fake ID cards are widely used nowadays by youngesters. I do not mind that at all!

  5. UV proves fake IDs are functional and absolutely efficient! I would never think of any other alternatives to get to the places I’ve always wanted to visit. I received my fake ID just a few weeks ago. My first order was successful and the maker didn’t let me down. I received what I had expected 100%. The card is of the highest quality. Surprised to see that modern technologies and creative minds can work such wonders. I bet you won’t regret obtaining a fake ID. Here the point is to find the right fake ID card maker – consult the one that already has recommendations from other customers and you’ll never have any issues!

  6. I submitted an order on July 1st 2021, have been looking for a tracking number for the past week. It is July 5th 2021, and I finally have a tracking number, so I’d say that’s pretty quick. Totally crazy of me saying this but I wonder if Idgod is more legit for girls than it is for guys. Just like the bars or frats, people want girls in and don’t want guys. Idk my group is 5 girls who ordered IDs and it has been a pretty swift process. I’ll reply once they deliver.

  7. Got my id’s from them ( Great quality and almost perfect. The only thing is the blue is off a little but in the photo background, other than that they are great. I ordered 3 Id’s (CA DL) and they did each come with a duplicate. Paid $305 for them including rush, and took around a week or so. Packaging was very discreet as well.

  8. I want to get a New York Driver’s license but for some reason I can’t copy my signature and I want my signature not a made up one

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