Is NewIDs Legit?

If you are planning to order a fake identity card, most likely you have heard about the NewIDs company. It offers superb IDs, driver’s licenses and other documents for U.S. citizens and foreigners. In this NewIDs review, we will try to impartially analyze all the pros and cons of this manufacturer.

All About NewIDs

The company was launched back in 2007. Unlike its numerous competitors that have scammed long ago, the NewID keeps on evolving and the demand for its services is steadily growing. Every cent you spend on your orders will be worth it. Your private data will be kept 100% confidential. You will be allowed to choose an ID of nearly any state and it will fully conform to its local requirements. You can use this document to pass any controls.

How The Safety And Quality System Of NewIDs Works

When you order a fake NewID document, you can be sure that it has all the necessary elements to pass the security check:

  • Holograms
  • Magnetic stripe
  • Barcode
  • Timestamp
  • Micro-printing

Your ID will easily cope with any test, be it bending, blacklight or scanning.

How To Order By NewID

The procedure of placing the order on the site is genuinely simple. The corresponding button is located in the top horizontal menu.

The most responsible part is to prepare your photo. It should meet the following requirements:

  • Its size should fall within the range of between 150KB and 1MB
  • The background should be monochrome
  • Your clothes should be contrasting to that background
  • Your hair should look nice and well-groomed, it should not cover your face
  • Natural light would be an optional solution — and if you use the artificial one, it should not be overbearing
  • Avoid taking pictures with your webcam

As for the signature, the size of its scan or photo should also fit within the range between 150KB and 1MB. If you fail to provide your real signature, a randomized one will be added to the document. However, one day a security guard might check it against a database of identifiers and see that you never used this one before — so you’d better add yours.

Select Products on the Website

To check the full range of the available identity cards, click on the IDs We Sell button in the top horizontal menu on the main page. There, you will also discover other types of documents: driver’s license, operator license, social security card and so on.

If you push the Other Items We Sell button, the site will redirect you to a page where you can order a European passport. You will be invited to choose among Belgian, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish and Swiss variants. The passports can be either fake or real. To discuss their purchase, please send an email to the administrators.

Also, you can order just holograms that you can use yourself. Again, for this, you should get in touch with the administration via email.

Delivery Time

On average, customers need to wait for 2 weeks from the moment of placing their order till receiving their brand new custom-made ID. To accelerate the process, you can pay an extra $50 and receive the package approximately in 1 week.


NewID has been in business since 2007. Ever since its inception, the company has enjoyed an impeccable reputation. Its production facilities are located offshore so that the U.S. authorities can not intervene with their operations. The website and email service are also hosted offshore. For over a decade, the company has never been involved in any scandals.

Consumer Service

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with the support team via email. You can find the address in the Contact section of the site. The managers promise to get back to clients within 24 hours, except for public holidays and weekends. The quality of the customers’ support is top-notch. The managers are friendly, competent and eager to help.

Pricing Of Fake IDs

The NewIDs prices varies depending on how many of them you order:

  • 1 ID — $100
  • 2-9 IDs — $85 each
  • 10+ IDs — $70s each

All the IDs have the same quality. If you order a card with a discount, it will not tell on its production technologies or functional characteristics.

Each ID has a duplicate. So if you order one, you will get two and will not need to pay for the second one. If you want more duplicates, be ready to pay $30 for each.

You will not need to pay extra for shipping. The shipping expenses are already included in the price.

For rush service, you will be required to pay $50 per ID. This surcharge does not apply to the duplicate.

If you want to reprint your order, you can do it with a discount for the first 30 days. After this period is over, you will be required to pay the full price for a reprint.

For SSN cards, the pricing is different. One card costs $50, its shipping costs $30.

The customers can choose among a vast selection of payment options:

  • Bitcoin
  • Cash
  • Cashapp
  • PayPal
  • Venmo
  • Western Union
  • Zelle

Those who opt for Bitcoin should send funds to the following address: 19sAmfm2jx7zFRkwfE3MYEAKXRHDT35ecB. Then, they should send the confirmation code for the completed transaction to [email protected]. In the mail, they should also specify the amount of BTC transferred and the date of the transaction. Once the payment is validated, the manager will send to the client the order form and confirmation code.

To use cash, your order must cost at least $300. To resort to this payment method, you should send an email to [email protected], indicating “Cash Payment” as its subject. In the body of your email, you should write “Depositing $500”. The manager will send you an instruction on how to deposit cash at Wells Fargo bank. You do not need to open an account there to make a deposit. Unfortunately, customers are not allowed to choose another bank.

When paying via CashApp, the customer should submit their order using the “Click To Proceed To Order Form” link. Then, they need to indicate CashApp as the payment method and introduce their username in the corresponding field. After the client indicates the payment due amount, the manager will send them the payment request.

Instructions for using PayPal will be emailed to you individually. Just send an email to [email protected] indicating “PayPal” as the subject and write “How do I pay with PayPal?” in the body of the letter.

To transfer funds via Western Union, please request instructions to your email. Send an email to [email protected] indicating “Western Union” as its subject and write “Please send the info for Western Union” in the body of the mail. After you receive the instruction, submit an order. Once the financial transaction is carried out, opt for “Click Here to Place Your Order”. Then, log in to your account and follow the instructions.

For Zelle and Venmo, please use the same instruction as for CashApp.

How To Track Your Order

Once your fake ID is ready and handed over to a shipping company, you will be able to track it using a unique identifier. You will find this identifier in your user profile on the NewID site as soon as the shipping company assigns it to the package. This will happen in 10-14 days in case of a standard order and around 4 days in case of a rushed one.

The shipping can be ordered through the following companies:

  • FedEx
  • UPS
  • USPS
  • DHL
  • EMS

Once the ID is ready, the shipping usually takes from 2 to 5 business days (so you should not count public holidays and weekends).

In your user profile, you will be able to see how the status of your order changed from Pending to Shipped. The former means that the order is confirmed and the company representatives are already working on it. The latter means that the package was already sent to you.

Most likely, everything will go fine. The administration asks the clients not to send them emails asking about the whereabouts of their package — you can just check the status. In case something goes wrong, you will receive an email. Mind that it might be marked as spam, so please check the corresponding folder of your mailbox from time to time.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of NewIDs

Judging by the fact that the company has been enjoying a steadily growing popularity during all these years, you can easily guess that it can offer many benefits to its clients:

  • The quality of fake IDs is impeccable. No one will be able to tell them from the government-issued ones.
  • Apart from IDs, you can purchase many other types of documents, including European passports.
  • The interface of the site is sleek and the navigation is intuitive.
  • The procedure of placing the order is genuinely simple and quick.
  • Clients can select between a vast choice of payment options that include cash (which is rare among fake ID manufacturers).
  • The prices for all services are reasonable and there are generous discounts.
  • The friendly and competent customers’ support eagerly solves any issues.
  • The manufacturer of custom-made documents has a long history and untarnished reputation.

However, a small percentage of customers and potential customers find reasons to complain. They normally point at the following shortcomings of NewIDs:

  • To use certain payment methods, you need to request instructions. Yes, this takes time — but allows the customers to enjoy maximum confidentiality.
  • Even with the rush delivery, it is impossible to receive an order by NewID earlier than in 1 week. Again, this is done for safety reasons. The custom-made documents are produced outside the U.S. so it takes time to deliver them. Plus, the process of adding all the necessary holograms and marks is also time-consuming.
  • The prices are not too cheap. To tell the truth, it is hardly possible to obtain fake IDs of a comparable quality at a lower price. Besides, there are discounts.

If you objectively weigh up all the pros and cons, you will see that the former confidently outweigh the latter. You should not think twice when thinking about which company to choose when ordering a fake ID. The NewIDs brand seems to be an optimal choice.

The Best Mobile Apps For Tracking

Here is a list of the most popular tracking mobile apps that will help you to monitor the whereabouts of your parcel:

  • 17Track. Allows to track up to 220 shipping carriers simultaneously.
  • Aftership. Supports over 400 international delivery companies.
  • Deliveries. Is compatible with over 40 shippers.
  • OneTracker. Offers customers to create a new email address inside the app and use it for ordering goods.
  • Package Tracker. Scans your email and automatically fetches the information about deliveries.
  • ParcelTrack. Those who upgrade to Premium can track their individual delivery van through a GPS locator.
  • Track 24. Supports over 600 delivery services.
  • TrackChecker Mobile. Is famous for its customization opportunities.

The applications were arranged in alphabetical order, so please do not consider it as a rating.

Is NewId Safe

Yes, it is an exceptionally reliable ID company. You can safely entrust your funds and confidential information to it. The fake licenses that you receive from it will enable you to successfully pass security checks at bars and nightclubs, purchase alcohol and tobacco and enjoy many other activities that imply an age limit.






4 thoughts on “Is NewIDs Legit?”

  1. I found my fake ID card maker on my own. Unfortunately, there was no one to refer me to a reliable firm. It looked alright and I didn’t even doubt I would receive my order. What I did in short was: I made and order and paid the indicated sum,. Yes, the website emailed me a confirmation. I saw that there is a shipping code or whatever they call it. The only info I can now see is that my order is still pending and is not yet processed. I’ve been patient enough – it’s been over three months and no result yet! Is it a scam?

  2. Youngsters get scammed out of hundreds of dollars every single day! I’ve become one of such victims this winter. Paying for the service does not mean that you’ll receive the stuff you’ve paid for. I made no mistake while filling in the application. I clearly remember that I received the confirmation and the money was sent to the firm. Later on, when I checked the service to see if my order is being processed, I revealed that the sum paid by me the the other day vanished (?) Anyone knows how this might have happened? Sounds ridiculous, I know but it looks I am not the only person here with this kind of comment. I suggest you refrain from making orders via suspicious websites!

  3. One week has already passed and guess what? – NO PROOF has been sent for me to see that my order is being processed or that my money has been received by the maker. Another bad point is I’ve got no tracking number either. I’ve got absolutely no idea if I’ll ever receive my order. Ordered two ID cards and paid for them. However, when the support team is unwilling to assist or respond, then you start worrying. Scams are frequent and the only thing I can now pray and hope for is that I haven’t been fooled by online fraudsters.

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