IDViking 2023: think twice before buying fake ID

IDViking is a popular site where people can order fake IDs. However, you might want to avoid it - read this article to get to know why. Or just take a look at the picture.

If you want to buy a fake ID, you might want to do it on the IDViking site. This is a rather well-known fake ID maker that you can easily find through any search engine or by using recommendations of the customer community. In this review, we'll try to understand whether you should trust this company or not and what you can expect if you order a fake ID here. Warning: your attempt to use the ID Viking services might turn out to be just a waste of time and money.

General Information About This Website with Fake IDs

This fake ID provider was established in 2019, so it's relatively young. If you type the "buy fake IDs" request in Google searches or some other web search engine, you would hardly see the ID Viking name on the first page. But if you check the next few pages, you'll effortlessly find the link to this platform with fake licenses. Most of its ads emphasize that it specializes in student IDs. However, you'll be able to order state IDs or driving licenses here as well. At a glance, everything might look fantastic and you might even want to recommend this project to your friends.

How to Buy Student Fake IDs at ID Viking?

On the main page, you'll see the following categories of fake documents:

  • USA Fake ID
  • Canada Fake ID
  • Student + More (the term "More" in this case means secondary IDs)
  • Buy PSD Templates

Let's see what happens if you try to order, for instance, a fake student document for Arizona State University. On the corresponding page, you'll need to introduce the following data.

  • First, last and middle name
  • Date of birth
  • Picture
  • Signature
  • The number of copies

Some customers might not want to sign their IDs themselves. In such cases, the system can automatically generate signatures for them.

Then, you'll be required to check your cart and confirm your order. You'll see the price and the number of documents. You'll be able to enter a coupon code to get a discount. When you receive the package, it will contain not only the license but a free duplicate too.

How to Pay for Your License?

If your license costs less than $70, Bitcoin would be the only option.

If the license costs more than $70, you'll be able to transfer money via Western Union or MoneyGram. Mind that if you use a regular national currency and not crypto, there will be a 15% surcharge.

Detailed payment instructions will be sent to your email.

How Long Will the Shipping Take?

Normally, you should get your license in 14-16 days. It will take the provider up to 5 days to complete your order plus 5-7 days to deliver it by mail.

If you fail to receive your order within 25 days, you have a right to request a free reshipping with no questions asked.

What Makes ID Viking Different from Most Scam Sites?

This fake licenses provider differentiates itself from dubious sites thanks to multiple convincing features that were designed to produce a favorable impression on its clients. Here are just a few examples of what makes this fake ID provider look credible.

Wheel of Fortune

As soon as you open the main page, you'll see such an announcement: "Get your chance to win a free ID! Enter your email address and spin the wheel". These are some of the prizes that you might win.

  • 20% discount
  • 40% off
  • 50% discount
  • 75% off
  • Free ID
  • Win $1000
  • And so on

Each user can play the game only once. Those who try to benefit from the wheel multiple times will be disqualified.

Not the Lowest Price

If you compare the cost of a fake ID on this platform with what many other bogus license providers offer, you'll realize that ID Viking is not the most affordable option. If some organization claims that it could customize student IDs or driving licenses much cheaper, you might start to doubt whether it might be a scam. But in this case, every phase of the process looks very natural.

For instance, the starting price for a student fake ID might be $69.99 — but with a discount, you can get it for $39.99. A fake California driver's license would cost $249.99 without a discount or $149.99 with a discount. Plus, there are discounts for group orders. Thanks to such a price difference, this fake ID manufacturer looks more trustworthy than the rest.

A Comprehensible FAQ Section

You should glance through this page before placing an order for a license. The FAQ section contains tips on making a good photo and submitting a signature, an explanation of the terms of shipping and many other aspects of ordering fake licenses. This page looks very professional.

Scam Sites Section

On this page, the ID Viking team warns its customers against unscrupulous vendors and shares a link to a list of scam projects. Could anything look more reassuring?

Warning Against Illegal Activities

The administrators of the platform note that there is nothing wrong in ordering student IDs or driver's licenses for entertainment purposes, in case the customer is planning some kind of legit pastime.

Yet they don't approve of scammers who order fake documents for some nefarious activities. For some fake ID providers, that might seem encouraging and might increase their trust in this fake ID provider.

Dozens of Positive Reviews

On the ID Viking site, you'll find dozens of positive reviews about this business. Their authors would be comparing the fake IDs they ordered here to legit documents. They would be praising the quality of photos, QR codes, templates and so on. But what if all these people never existed and the administration wrote these reviews by themselves?..

Why You Shouldn’t Add ID Viking to Your Verified Vendors List?

If you read customers' honest reviews about fake documents that they ordered here, you'll come across multiple complaints of poor quality. These are just a few examples of flaws that you'll need to put up with when you order fake IDs at this website.


The document that you'll receive will have little in common with a real ID. Unlike most vendors who target the US market, these guys use outdated templates.

For instance, a normal Illinois license needs to have perforated holes throughout the front. But there might be no perforation on your fake license. Besides, the ultraviolet ghost photo on the back might remain visible under normal light — while on real IDs, it should only be visible under UV.


Some people say that the expected express shipping lasted for 6 whole days, which is too long. And they paid a higher price for their license because they needed it urgently.


The QR codes on your fake ID or license should scan fine. Yet magnetic stripes might be missing on some IDs.

Customer Service

When you want to contact these guys, you'll need to fill in a form on their website and receive an answer to your email. Such a communication method is typical of platforms that sell fake documents, so there is nothing suspicious about it. Hardly any company in this market would share its phone number or let you know which country it is located in.

Nearly any honest review will mention issues with response time. You should never expect an immediate reply from the customer service. The team might keep you waiting for 24 hours or even more. Also, they might be not too polite.

The Main Point of Most Reviews

ID Viking is not one of those scam websites that would just steal your money (and maybe personal data too) and send you no ID at all. But the quality of the fake documents that you purchase will be extremely poor. Only fake reviews would praise the quality of the IDs made by this vendor. However, the authors of some reviews state that they failed to receive their fake IDs. So if you use the services of this vendor, be ready to play roulette.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this review came in handy and now you understand why you should avoid ID Viking. After you place an order for a fake ID on this platform and they receive your payment, the shipping of your package might take much longer than you expect. When you receive your fake ID, you might find out that your face on the picture doesn't look normal, or the template of the license is not valid anymore, or there is some other error. Moreover, you might fail to receive your fake license at all! If you're lucky, you might receive a refund of the full price that you paid for your fake documents. But it's also possible that the support team of this scam platform will keep ignoring you. So the real question is: is this process worth spending so much time and nerves on? Or maybe, it would be wiser to order a fake ID elsewhere?

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