Fakeyourdrank Review (2023 Updated)

FakeYourDrank is closed by law enforcement!

Now their website is operated  by FBI. You will loose your money and will receive a court subpoena.

FakeYourDrank (FYD) is one of those sites that allegedly sell fake IDs. We say "allegedly" because too many scams are operating in this sector. Before placing an order on any of such websites, you should gather as much information about them as possible. Plus, you should check people's reviews and independent ratings. Unfortunately, fakeyourdrank.com seems to be one of those scam projects that you shouldn't trust at all.

From this review, you'll get to know how to place an order at FakeYourDrank, carry out payment and use other features of this popular site. Mind that your shipping will never arrive! We tested the process ourselves and we don't want others to make the same mistake. We hope that you'll find this review helpful and it will enable you to save your nerves and money.

Our Personal Experience of Using the FYD Services

In this honest review, let me describe the process from a first-person perspective. I ordered my ID last March so that I could pass face control at bars, visit night shows and use any other service that is available only for people who have come of age. In my opinion, the price for creating an ID was rather affordable. I paid for my order with Bitcoin and I chose USPS as the most convenient shipping option. My payment was processed seamlessly and I expected to receive my ID in 3 weeks.

I indicated my Washington address, which means I didn't need to wait an extra week, as it might happen with residents of some other states (NY, VA, GA, FL, UT, RI). Unlike Washington and most of the country's territory, these states require special materials and processing. IDs for their residents are shipped separately from other states.

The status of my order changed from Payment Pending to Payment Received within 24 hours. The problem began when it reached the In Progress status. My order just got stuck there and it wouldn't move on for a couple of weeks. When March was over, I decided to contact the support and ask them when I could expect the shipping. An extremely helpful support manager told me that my order had not been shipped yet.

And then, there was no progress. No progress at all! I waited for one more week and one more week. My shipping never arrived. The support team never got in touch with me again. Even though this story took place a while ago, I hope this review will be helpful for anyone who might try to use the FakeYourDrank services in the future.

My Personal Conclusion

I was so glad I didn't place a group order! I was thinking about it — but then, I decided to carry out a test with a minimum number of IDs. You might think that my personal story was not too helpful because it's just one single case. What if it was my fault and I did something wrong when ordering my ID months ago? What if I'm exaggerating? Please keep reading this FakeYourDrank review till the end to get to know why you should never order an ID shipping on this platform.

How to Place an Order at Fakeyourdrank.com

As soon as you open the FakeYourDrank homepage, you'll see the Order Now button close to the center of the screen. When you push it, the system redirects you to a page where you need to complete a form, indicating the following data.

  • State
  • Date of birth
  • The date when your fake ID was issued
  • First name
  • Middle name
  • Last name
  • Address
  • City
  • Zip code
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Eye color
  • Hair color
  • Sex
  • Backup copies

Actually, the form doesn't let customers choose whether they want free backup copies of their IDs or not. The copies are included in the order by default.

Then, you should complete the second form on the same page. First, choose from three payment methods: Western Union, Bitcoin or Zelle - Bank Transfer. Also, you'll be required to select your signature type — you can either upload your signature or use the SignaturePad. Finally, you submit your photo (either .jpg or .png formats, 5MB max) and push the Submit ID button.

In this review, we won't describe in detail the full functionality of the platform. As you see, the first steps that you need to make there look very normal. But then, your ID will never be shipped to you, no matter if you wait for a week or half a year. You need to realize: even if you registered here a year ago, some nefarious people might try to use your private data at the least opportune moment in the future.

What Will Happen After You Get Your Tracking Number?

When you get your tracking number, it means that FakeYourDrank is allegedly ready to ship your order. You start waiting for your shipping but it never arrives. The support team that first seemed so helpful will ask you to wait — and then, they will stop responding to you. You'll never be able to retrieve the money that you paid for your ID.

By no means should you repeat the process and order another ID. It's not a bug but a deliberate scam. Your shipping will never arrive, even if you keep waiting for weeks or months. Now, let's think about the risks that you face when you order "the best fake ID" at FakeYourDrank.

You Reveal Your Private Data

If you order fakes to your real postal address, the police might come to your house in a couple of weeks. You can never know what scammers do with private data that customers indicate on their platform to create an account. What if they sell it to third parties? What if law enforcement agencies crack down on FakeYourDrank and decide to punish their clients for illegal activities? Even when you order an ID on a highly reliable platform, it involves certain risks. If you opt for a low-quality service provider, you might get yourself into even more serious trouble.

You Confirm That You're the Owner of Your BTC Wallet

If you indicate your real name and contact information, the group of crooks behind FYD will get to know that this Bitcoin address belongs to you. Say bye-bye to your crypto anonymity!

In this review, we won't talk about other risks that you might face after creating an account on this platform. Just mind that they might be too numerous.

How Long Do People Need to Wait for Their Fake IDs?

Once a client has placed an order, they can track their fake ID using its order number. This is how the status of your package is supposed to change over time.

  • Payment Pending
  • Paid/Payment Received
  • In Progress/RTP Completed
  • Shipped

The following companies can ship your package: USPS, FedEx, UPS or DHL. Maybe, FakeYourDrank will be able to offer you some other options. The most popular shipping method is USPS.

According to the official information from the FakeYourDrank website, the minimum processing time is 2 weeks and the maximum is 5 weeks. The countdown starts from the moment when the status of your package changes to Payment Received. If you opt for the rush service, the process will take from 1 to 3 weeks. Unfortunately, it's impossible to accelerate the shipping so that you get your package in just a couple of days.

Convincing Details

In this review, we would like to focus your attention on a few details that might convince people of the FakeYourDrank legitimacy. Before they allegedly create your fake ID and ship it, they would like to share the following helpful information with you.

Clients can allegedly scan their FakeYourDrank documents with nearly any device. However, on rare occasions, a scan might fail. This depends on the state and the device that is used to scan the ID. In this situation, the team of the platform can issue a document of another state to the client for a much lower price — and it should scan perfectly.

Also, the team accentuates that the tracking number consists only of numbers. Any headers or special letters are just elements of formatting and can't be used for tracking.

Once you set your password, it's impossible to reset it. If you haven't paid for your order yet and haven't received a tracking number, you can create a new account with a new password.

As soon as the order status reaches the In Progress status, it's impossible to edit it. If needed, you might try to edit the shipping address — but there are no guarantees that you'll succeed.

The Trick with No Refunds

On the FYD website, you can clearly read that the team makes no refunds — allegedly, for security reasons. Many legit sites have the same policy, so this warning looks normal at first sight. Yet when you realize that your order will never be shipped to you, you will not be able to retrieve your funds because you consciously accepted this rule! Obviously, the FYD website was created by a very experienced group of scammers.

The FakeYourDrank team convinces people that they should wait patiently. But in fact, the order will never be delivered! It's not by chance that at fakeyourdrank.com, you would fail to find any contact information of the administration of the platform. They don't share their phone numbers, postal address or accounts in messengers. There is no live chat on FakeYourDrank either. After you fail to receive your fake ID, you can only submit a ticket to the support — and of course, you'll get no answer. Also, you can leave a negative review on a third-party site and warn people that FakeYourDrank is a scam (just like we did with this review).

FakeYourDrank Reviews

If you check people's reviews about FakeYourDrank on the Internet, you'll see that opinions are split about this project. Below, we'll compare two types of reviews: positive and negative.

"This Is Definitely the Best Fake ID Ever!"

In their reviews, some guys would write that they purchased the best fake IDs at fakeyourdrank.com and were entirely happy with all the aspects of the platform's functionality: prices, discounts, interface, the quality of customer service and so on.

A typical fake review features very few facts, names and dates. It would hardly contain phrases like "I ordered a fake ID in March and I used Western Union to pay for it. It was shipped to me in Washington 2 months ago, 1 week earlier than I expected. It successfully passed the bend test and next week, guys from my office will order fake IDs for themselves too". However, positive FakeYourDrank reviews feature a lot of details. On this platform, you can find people's reviews with 5-star ratings, dates and numbers of their orders.

The team of the project proudly states that they got over 1,000 authentic reviews for the different IDs that they make. Obviously, the administration paid the guys to write such reviews. You shouldn't trust these positive stories unless you have nothing against losing your funds.

"I Ordered My ID Months Ago But…"

You would fail to find any negative reviews on the FakeYourDrank official website. But you can come across dozens of such reviews all over the Internet. "I ordered my ID 2 months ago but it was never shipped to me. I used the order number and I asked the support about when they were planning to ship the package to me. The tracking failed and I never received anything".

All these stories sound the same, no matter whether they took place 2 weeks ago, 2 months ago, half a year ago, 1 year ago or 2 years ago. The platform embezzled people's money and their private data — and gave them nothing in exchange. You might think that competitors ordered negative reviews to tarnish the FakeYourDrank reputation — but such stories are just too numerous to be a competitor's campaign.

Important Information to Pay Attention to

At first sight, it might seem that FakeYourDrank is a reliable project because it meets certain criteria of trustworthy platforms. But you shouldn't let yourself be misguided. Here are a few insightful facts that you should know to avoid frauds and cheats.

Scam Sites Can Occupy High Positions in Search Engines

No matter which search engine you use, fakeyourdrank.com will be among the top 20 search results if you type the "buy fake ID" request. Experienced SEO professionals know how to improve the rankings of nearly any website, unless it has ruined its reputation before due to illegitimate promotional techniques.

FakeYourDrank Offers Lucrative Promotions

The only aim of these incentives is to create an illusion of legitimacy and security.

  • If you place a group order for more than 5-10 people, FakeYourDrank promises to give you a small discount.
  • Those who pay with Bitcoin might get a 20% discount if they use a promo code.
  • If you review FYD fake IDs, this website will allegedly give you a 50% discount for your next order.

One detail about reviewing seems especially trustworthy. The FakeYourDrank team doesn't ask its clients to leave only positive reviews about them — any review would do. Yet no matter what you write, you won't get your fake IDs or your money back.

Scam Projects Might Have Remarkably Polite and Helpful Customer Service

Before or immediately after the client has placed an order, they might want to ask the support team about payment, shipping or some other aspects of the process. The support will never make them wait for 3 days! They will try to be just as helpful and professional as on a high-quality website. They will gladly answer any questions about the order and explain the details of its tracking process. But they will disappear as soon as they receive your payment. You'll never be able to contact them through any communication channel.

The FakeYourDrank support team warns its customers in advance that they are extremely busy. They allegedly try to answer tickets as promptly as possible but they need to clear backlogs before they start processing new ones. Since the helpful team of the project is not too numerous, they ask clients to send just one ticket and wait for the reply. If they send multiple tickets, this won't help them to accelerate the process.

To speed up the process, the administration asks clients to submit tickets on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. This should enable them to receive answers the next day. Those who submit their tickets on weekends might need to wait for around 3 days, depending on the ticket amount on Monday.

The FAQ Section Might Produce a Very Favorable Impression Too

When you open the FAQ page of the FakeYourDrank website, it looks very professional. It contains answers to around two dozen most popular questions. All the answers are short and comprehensive. The FakeYourDrank team warns clients against the bend test, gives recommendations on taking pictures and shares other smart tips. This is exactly how the FAQ section on a legitimate website looks like.

Moreover, this page features such a question as "You scammed me!". And the answer is "We will never scam anyone". The administration admits that it can't issue refunds due to security risks. But they promise to send a new fake ID to the angry client if they fail to receive the one that they were supposed to get.

Another complaint in the FAQ section is "I have not received my ID". In the answer to this question, the administration reminds the client that the shipping of the IDs takes a minimum of 3 weeks and on some rare occasions, the order might be delayed. The only way out is to wait. If the client waits long enough but still fails to receive their IDs, the administration promises to resend the order.

We won't mention any other questions and answers in this review — but you can be sure that all this information reads very reassuring. Yet it doesn't mean that you should trust FYD services. People who created this fake IDs scam platform are good at copywriting, web design and marketing — but you'll never get your ID.

Your ID Seems to Comply with Security Standards

The FakeYourDrank team promises that your ID will have all the necessary security elements on it: barcodes, OVI, holograms, perforations, raised text and so on. Moreover, if you check sample photos of fake IDs on this site, you'll see that they indeed have the OVI, barcodes and other features that enable them to successfully pass any scan. But again, this doesn't guarantee that you'll receive your shipping! You shouldn't trust any good-looking image from the Internet.

The Price of Your Fake ID Will Be Equal to What Legitimate Sites Offer

Some customers think that a scam company would offer much lower prices than its legitimate counterparts. That's just another illusion. Professional scammers realize that minimal prices and huge discounts would look too suspicious. They try to make their sites look as credible as possible. They offer the same payment methods and shipping options as honest platforms.

Final Thoughts about FYD

Hopefully, this review was helpful and now you understand why you should never use the FakeYourDrank services. If you try to test this website on your own and order fakes here, you'll simply lose your money. At first sight, you might notice nothing suspicious about the process of creating an account, the choice of payment options or the quality of IDs. The site will ask you to wait for around 4 weeks to ship your order. The support team that seemed so helpful at first will tell you that your package has not been shipped yet — and then they will stop responding to you. Even though all the stories from this review, when the platform let its customers down, took place months ago, hardly anything has changed since then. To order high-quality fake IDs, you should use a reliable company and avoid FakeYourDrank completely because this is a scam.

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