Bogus Braxtor Review 2023 | Is BogusBraxtor Legit or Fraud

Stay away from Bogus Braxtor!

This is 100% scam. You will lose your money. Think about it.

Fake IDs are popular among those who want to disguise their real age or pretend to be someone else for a short period of time. One of the most renowned producers of custom-made IDs is BogusBraxtor. If you order an ID with his company, feel free to show it to vendors, bouncers and other third parties. They will have no reasons to suspect this document was not issued by the government. In this article, we will try to find answers to the questions "Is Bogus Braxtor legit?", ‘How long does Bogus Braxtor take to ship?" and other matters of interest.

About BogusBraxtor

For understandable reasons, this company does not share too much information about itself. It does not reveal its geographical location or phone number. But people who are potentially interested in fake IDs know this reliable brand very well. Bogus Braxtor has turned into a household name for its sphere of activity and sets the bar high for the whole industry. If you want to become a reseller, you can get a nice commission for that. If you prefer to buy and not sell fake IDs, you should read this review till the end.

BogusBraxtor Fake IDs

Fake IDs issued by this company are scannable, swipeable and can be shined under the black light. They contain the same information as their government-issued counterparts: photo, signature and so on.

Before filling in the request form, you will be able to read detailed instructions on the site on how to prepare the photos:

  • No selfies are allowed
  • Your face should be serious and easily recognizable
  • You should look directly into the camera
  • There should not be hair, smudges or shadows on your face
  • You can not add an old passport photo to your fake ID

Ideally, the photo should be taken in high resolution and against a white background. The security guards or other professionals involved should be able to easily identify the person in the picture.

After the managers receive a request and its payment confirmation, they start to process it the same day. The creation of an ID takes roughly 7 days. Then, shipping will take additional 10-15 days.

A Range of Fake Cards

Young customers often order IDs that confirm them being 21 years or older. This allows them to go out at night, buy drinks at the bar and have fun with their peers. It is especially relevant for students who are 1-2 years younger than the rest of their class or group and can not participate in certain events. With a fake ID, they will not feel socially deprived anymore.

Yet in some cases, people request IDs that help them to pretend younger than they are. This can also be easily done.

Apart from identity cards, BogusBraxtor makes other types of documents too, such as a driver's license.

The target audience of this company are U.S. citizens. However, if you live in Western Australia or British Columbia, you can also order a fake ID. Unfortunately, at the moment the service is not available to the residents of other Australian or Canadian regions.

Quality & Security

Fake IDs by Bogus Braxtor effortlessly pass authenticity tests because they have the following features:

  • Raised text
  • UV ink
  • Micro-perforations
  • National barcodes hologram identification

Their owners successfully cope with any type of verification. The material the cards are made of is called Teslin. Thanks to it, custom-made IDs look exactly like their government-issued counterparts.

How to Order

To place an order, you should register on the site first. In the right top corner of the main page, close to the Your Cart icon, click on the square icon that consists of nine small black squares. In the drop-down menu, there will be two options: Sign In and Register. Opt for the latter, if you are a newbie. The registration takes just a couple of seconds. You will not need to wait to receive a confirmation link to your email or a code in an sms. Once you logged in to your account, proceed to the Order Now section.

Placing Orders On the Website

The process of placing an order consists of several steps. You will be required to upload your photo and signature as well as fill in several forms, indicating your last and first name, date of birth, height, weight and other parameters.

All the information should be precise and correct, so please double-check it before submitting the form. When filling in the form, you are allowed to leave some fields blank — in this case, the Bogus Braxtor representatives will generate random information themselves.

If you make misprints through your own fault, the company will not issue you a new fake ID for free. You will need to pay the full price for a new document. The administration goes to great lengths to prevent any potential mistakes. For instance, if you indicate a suspiciously low body weight, the form will warn you about that.

Terms and Guarantees

Positive reviews by happy clients serve as the best proof of the company's professionalism. In the top horizontal menu on the site, there are two important sections: Video/Pic Reviews and Testimonials. In the former, you can see photos and videos of custom-made IDs that their owners successfully use. In the latter, you can read text reviews written by individuals who have ordered fake documents on this site. Moreover, there is a forum with reviews — read the next passage of the article to get to know about it.

Customer Support

Unfortunately, there is no live chat on the site where you could type your question and get an answer immediately. It will not appear even after you register and start filling in the order form.

Yet the interface of the site is genuinely intuitive. Once you create an account, the step-by-step process of ordering an ID will be very simple. Plus, the information on the site is exhaustive and comprehensive enough. Just glance through it attentively before placing your order and you will hardly have any issues.

In case you still need to get in touch with the administration, do the following:

  • Proceed to the About Us section of the site
  • Scroll it down
  • Find an email address and send a message to it

Alternatively, you can visit the forum. The link to it is located in the right part of the horizontal menu at the top of the page, close to the Your Cart icon.

This forum is a very useful source of information. Here, clients rate the IDs that they ordered using the following criteria: Photoshop, shipping, uncertainty factor, UV, communication, stealth, template, scanning, cost, signature, holograms/OVI, general conclusion. Right now, the average "general conclusion" point is 9.

How Much Do Fake IDs Cost

The price depends on how many cards you order. If you need more than one, you can expect to obtain the following discounts:

  • 2-5 IDs — 30%
  • 6-10 IDs — 40%
  • 10+ IDs — 50%

These offers are valid for all states.

The Price Range

On average, an ID costs $100. This is a reasonable price because:

  • The quality of the document is top-notch. It justifies every cent you spent on it.
  • The ID is very durable and long-lasting. It will serve you for many years.

However, depending on the state, you might be required to pay $60, $80, $90 or $120. You will be able to check the full price range on the corresponding page of the site.

Plus, you will need to pay approximately $30 for shipping. The shipping options will be discussed in detail below, in one of the next sections of the review. If you have a discount coupon, please insert it in the window that is located on the same page as the choice of shipping options.

How to Pay On Bogus Braxtor

Newbies often ask about how to pay with PayPal on Bogus Braxtor or use other payment methods. Surprisingly enough, you will not find step-by-step payment instructions immediately as you enter the site. To get access to the payment procedure, you should create an account in the system, fill in the request form and proceed till the last stage of placing the order.

Accepted Payment Methods

The site accepts five payment options:

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • MoneyGram
  • Western Union
  • Paypal

The administration emphasizes that Bitcoin is their preferred payment method. It is safe, anonymous and convenient. Even if you have never used cryptocurrency before, you will cope effortlessly.

How Long Does Bogus Braxtor Take to Ship

There are two types of shipping: rush and domestic. At the moment of writing this review, they both cost $30. Yet the former had allegedly higher risks of being seized and its turnaround time reached 10-13 days. The turnaround time for the latter was 12-15 days and the risks of being seized were minimal.

You will be allowed to select the shipping company among the following options:

  • DHL
  • USPS
  • UPS
  • FedEx

The IDs are produced in China. So they can not be delivered right the next day after you place your order, no matter how much you would be eager to pay for express delivery. Please understand that, plan your time accordingly and have the patience to wait a bit.

Pros and Cons of BogusBraxtor

If you check Bogus Braxtor reviews on the Internet, you will see that most of them are positive. People trust this brand and eagerly use its services. They like this company for the following reasons:

  • Impeccable reputation and an impressive level of professionalism
  • Excellent quality of the IDs
  • Competitive prices and generous discounts
  • Fast order execution
  • The intuitive interface of the site
  • A helpful forum with honest reviews
  • The choice of payment and shipping options
  • Lucrative conditions for resellers

The disadvantages of BogusBraxtor are not too numerous and it is rather easy to put up with them:

  • The price. For some people, even $100 is a large sum. But as we said above, it is fully justified by the exceptional level of authenticity.
  • Long shipping. Actually, 2 weeks is not too long. The Bogus Braxtor team works at an impressive speed and one could hardly produce a batch of superb fake IDs quicker than them. There is simply no way to accelerate the process even further.
  • No live chat with customer support. This was discussed in detail in the previous passages.

These were actually not impartial shortcomings but subjective opinions. Plus, there is a legality issue, to be discussed in the next passage.

Is Bogus Braxtor Legit

In the Frequently Asked Questions part of the site, the administration honestly says that their services are not legitimate. The state authorities have the exclusive right to issue IDs to their citizens. By ordering an alternative document, you are doing so at your own risk and bear full responsibility for your actions.

Yet the fact of being "illegal" does not tell on the quality of the documents. If you are committed to order a fake ID, BogusBraxtor will probably be the best site to place your order. They guarantee their customers 100% confidentiality and consistently comply with the highest quality standards. Bouncers, vendors or other third parties will never be able to tell your custom-made ID from a real one. Thousands of happy clients can confirm that their collaboration with this company has been entirely positive.

Hopefully, this Bogus Braxtor review was informative enough and helped you to find answers to all your questions.






14 thoughts on “Bogus Braxtor Review 2023 | Is BogusBraxtor Legit or Fraud”

  1. Is it another joke? I thought nowadays such things are supervised and controlled. I am frustrated since I’ve been waiting for my fake ID card to be delievered for ages. Some claim they are happy with the quality and price. I do not mind paying for my order and I paid for it. However, the support team won’t react to my requests. All I wanted to find out was whether my ID had been shipped. I cannot do it without their assistance simply because I never received any tracking number so I cannot see the process. Have I been scammed?

    1. Did you ever get your id? I paid for two week shipping it’s been 5 weeks and I have emailed them 5 times. No response. No tracking number.

  2. I know there must be good makers whom you can fully trust. That was not the case with mine whn I finally decided to get myself a fake ID card so that I could feel free to attend various events. The pending period took ages and I never was given the tracking number. I kept waiting for two months first, Then I messaged the service hoping to hear good news. NO EXPLANATION from the service. I am furious now. This is unacceptable and I’ll continue to message them.

  3. I do not make millions and no chance I will ever win a jackpot. I do count my money and it makes me so terribly sad and upset when someone cannot do the job I pay for. The card I ordered was delivered in bad condition. More than that, the quality of the card was not satisfactory at all. I know that high-quality cards look and feel different since my sister has ordered a couple of fake ID cards last year. What I received the other day was not worth the money I paid. I cannot recommend this service so be careful and very attentive if you do not want to lose your money forever.

  4. So far… they are a scam. I have been waiting as many weeks as they say days for shipment which is 2-3 days. I cannot reach them in any way and the have not shipped my items or provided confirmation or tracking. The page says my order is being processed and I have received no correspondence at all since they took my money.

  5. Ordered an ID in May 2022. Got an email confirmation, and an email saying “order complete,” yet more than 5 weeks later, no contact and no response to my emails.

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