Already21 Review | Is Already21 Worth It?

There is plenty of perks in pretending to be already 21 when you're not: ability to buy alcohol, access to parties, and even a mild feeling of superiority because you managed to outsmart everyone. Generally, it is rare to find a person who is capable of imitating identification documents without professional assistance. Already21 claims to be just the right provider to help with this delicate matter. However, fake ID distributors might have moved from shady alleys to spacious offices, it is a shady business. Therefore, it is important to figure out whether Already21 is legit or a scam.

Already 21 Fake ID Review

Despite its illegal status, identification forgery is a fully functioning thriving industry. Thus, if the company strives to survive and outbid the competitors, it is essential to ensure high-quality goods, fast and efficient shipping services, fair price, and customer support that genuinely cares. Certainly, every aspect of this list calls for investigating, so let's put Already21's reputation under a microscope to reach a verdict on whether Already21 is legit and worth your time.

How to Order from Already21

What aspects would the majority of people find essential to describe their ordering experience as pleasant and convenient? First things that come to mind include quick and easy to complete forms, user-friendly and intuitive interface, absence of complications and technical issues. As for the Already21 company, the order process is as simple as it gets. Of course, you'll have to perform several preparations and research, but in this industry, they are indispensable.

Choose a Product

The article reviews Already21 fake IDs in all its multitude of formats which includes US, Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Obviously, each country and region are presented with its own types of identification documents. You can choose the one that fits your requirements best in the Shop section of the upper menu, or you can go directly to the product you seek if it is offered in the pull-down menus of the country/region sections. Indeed, in terms of product range Already21 provides unprecedented opportunities for the international underage community. However, there is a plethora of states, countries, and regions that Already21 doesn't supply with fake IDs. For that reason, some customers might find it incompatible with their demands.





New Zealand

State ID & Driver's license

Driver's license

National ID/Passport card & Driver's license

Driver's license

Driver's license


Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Quebec

UK, Norway, Ireland, New Netherlands, Old Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy, France, Germany




Already21 front page


Tap a "Buy" Option

As soon as you made your choice, click on the "Select options" button to study detailed description with available features. Unfortunately, information on and quality of the fake IDs differ significantly, depending on a country/region.


  • The US market provides them with the vast share of clients. Thus, this segment is the most complete. They extensively elaborate on the drinking culture of each state and don't miss the opportunity to underline the quality of their product. Judging from the descriptions, their US documents are rather descent: their templates are made of polycarbonate (including DMV-grade one) and incorporate such essential elements as holograms, UV printing, and scannable features.
  • Europe and Canada received less attention. Still, their representation is informative and reveals a lot of useful aspects. Nonetheless, some IDs might not have particular attributes. For instance, Luxembourg Fake National ID Card doesn't have tactile engraved/embossed features.
  • While Australia got some amount of recognition, in the New Zealand section you can gather data only through photo.

Lack of certain features indicates that the vendor doesn't make regular updates to match the continuously changing legislative requirements. In addition, some Already21 fake ID reviews claim that their fake IDs do not comply with declared standards. For instance, the victims report discoloration or damages of holograms and lamination. However, Already21 underlines that it provides no warranty and a client must accept the stealth "with all the shortcomings". Fortunately, they do offer a refund policy, but note that reprinting the order is not an available option.

Choose a Quantity of Already 21

Already21 accepts group orders, so you can load in your cart as many counterfeit IDs for each state as you need. You just have to enter the total number at the end of the order form which is on the same page as the item's description.

Enter Your Delivery Address and Personal Info

Obviously, to complete the order form you'll be required to fill in personal information and delivery address. It does not ask the user to share any sensitive data, like social security number which indicates that your privacy remains safe. In case you want to complete the fields that are not marked as mandatory, please, consider that providing inaccurate details might end up with inability to use this document. Of course, uploading a photo is obligatory. Do not forget to ensure that it has high definition, appropriate background, and enough light.


Pay for your order

As soon as you're ready to send the request, click the "Add to cart" button, go to the cart and press "Proceed to checkout". Here you need to choose bitcoin as a payment method and after that you are ready to "Place order". Keep in mind that cryptocurrency should be obtained in advance.

Important Things to Look For

Quality and product range are not the only things that matter. You'll also be disappointed if your order is not worth its price, or you don't receive it at all, and the customer support is not there to address the issue.


Undoubtedly, sending illegal objects requires proficiency, twisted scheme, and a lot of efforts. Yet, due to domestic shipping through its partners Already21 declare that it's able to deliver the package for free within 5-7 working days. This period includes 48 hours to manufacture the novelty IDs and transportation of the package by postal service. This time might be shortened or prolonged, provided these circumstances:

  • If you are willing to pay extra $15 and choose the express shipping option, you'll be able to collect the parcel in 2 working days.
  • If your order exceeds the limit of 10 fake IDs, it will take at least 96 hours to produce them.

However, many of Already21 reviews complain that they had to wait at least 2 weeks before they could pick up the order.


After you approve the scans of the documents, the company sends them to your address. Check your e-mail account to get the tracking number. Despite that the company faces a lot of criticism from its former clients because although they were able to trace the parcel till it crossed the border, eventually they didn't receive it. Already21 denies any responsibility for the actions of postal services, yet it is their duty to find a contractor that is able to deliver the package successfully.

Delivery Global tracking system service online isometric design with truck, boxes on map Earth


Prices in the Already21 fake ID store are relatively high and depend on the country/region.

  • USA & Canada — from $85 to $120.
  • Australia & New Zealand — from $180 to $235.
  • Europe — from $190 to $310.

Considering that underage students are their primary audience and that they often experience issues with the quality of their products, this price range can hardly be called affordable or reasonable.



Although Already21 doesn't offer a 24/7 customer support, there is a contact page on the website where they published the list of links using which concerned customers can report their issues, questions, or troubles.

Already21 Discount

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What Are Payment Options for Already21 Fake IDs?

Already21 accepts payments solely in bitcoins which implies complete anonymity for the parties involved. They placed instructions and links to bitcoin exchanges, alongside with a convenient currency converter in the Payment section of the upper menu. The vendor firmly states that it doesn't regard Western Union as a safe payment method, yet what about Money Gram, PayPal, Transferwise used by other providers? Moreover, it is a bit ironic that they call themselves "Amazon of Fake ID's", but don't receive money through Amazon Gift Cards.

Pros and Cons

There is no such thing as perfection. Hence, let's review the table of Already21's business model advantages and disadvantages.



Operates internationally

No regular updates

Offers wide range of products

Issues with damaged goods and failed deliveries have been reported

Order and payment processes are quick, simple, intuitive

Might take at least 2 weeks to receive the product

Exists since 2017

Limited payment options

Summing up, there is plenty of room for enhancement when it comes to Already21 fake IDs. The provider can:

  • Expand geographical boundaries.
  • Make the descriptions more informative.
  • Change the delivery service to a reliable one.
  • Introduce new payment options.
  • Establish separate fully functioning Q&A and Support teams.

Is Already21 Worth It

Already21 operates in gray territory that is why potential customers always hesitate and ask themselves: is Already21 legit or is Already21 a scam? Although companies that sell identification replicas are forced to operate outside legal boundaries, they have to be trustworthy to retain customers. However, it doesn't mean that in your particular case it wouldn't be a fraud. Let's summarize some of the traits that might help you make a final decision.

In favor of Already21's legitimacy:

  • Illustrative pictures are taken from a variety of angles and light sources.
  • The website has customer reviews.
  • The descriptions are rather detailed.
  • It has a refund option.
  • You can contact them prior to placing the order.
  • You don't have to provide any sensitive personal information.
  • It has 4 stars on Fidvendors and TheIDMarket.

Against trusting Already21's:

  • Sometimes examples have the same photos, but sometimes they don't.
  • Video reviews with scanning, bending and other testing processes would be a nice addition.
  • No warranties or reprints policy.
  • Absence of 24/7 customer support.

In the end, is Already21 worth it? In case it offers fake ID you cannot purchase from anywhere else, it definitely is. Yet, they certainly need to invest more efforts into building a solid reputation.

6 thoughts on “Already21 Review | Is Already21 Worth It?”

  1. My life has changed a lot since I got myself a fake ID (I’m 18 now). Now I can enjoy my nights as well as weekends to the fullest. My top-notch NM ID has opened me doors to many venues. Most of my friends are older than me and I used to miss dozens of events each month until I finally saved enough buck to order a fake ID… I know I won’t need it next years since I’ll be the right age then, but no way would I ever stay home waiting another year! My active lifestyle and curiosity won’t let me give up just because I do not have something like ID.

  2. I am here at Gofakeid to let you guys know that already21’s fake ID [Nevada] work and thanks to the UV symbols that they contain they look real. Mine has been checked twice this month and both times successfully! I am happy that I paid for something useful. They are worth your money. Another great advantage is that the service delivers them relatively quickly. My order was not urgent, but I received my ID one week earlier than it was palnned. No wonder there might be some delays from time to time. After all, fake IDs are gaining popularity so the team is overloaded

  3. Before planning to go out in Miami, I think the surest way to be allowed to a night club is to have an ID just in case the guards want to see who you are and whether you are mature enough to participate in this or that event (smart huh?). That was the only reason and key motivation for me to purchase a Florida fake ID from The card was delivered three days ago and looks like 100% real. You can see holos and the document feels real as well. I am indifferent to night clubs, but festivals and concerts is the thing I live for! Cannot miss the opportunity to go there simply because I have no ID card.

  4. Holos and UV symbols are some of the most essential parts of any ID card.
    I am happy to know that nowadays even fake ID cards are made the same way – the one I ordered a month ago from already_21 was perfectly manufactured. I’ve already tested it once and I was alloed to enter the club. I hate cheating, but when life is passing by you, then you cannot help thinking of various ways to make your existence more varied and fun. After all, my Texas fake ID card won’t last forever – just for a couple of years. Till then, I’ll use what I’ve been offered by the service.

  5. They know what they do! Skilled vendor ALREADY21 who has an excellent team (probably lol).

    I am stunned with the quality of the fake ID cards they produce. Got mine New York new design yesterday by USPS.
    They are worth your money so be certain to receive what you asked for. UV symbols are there so whenever you are checked by security members, your fake ID card will still show all the necessary elements proving your identity. The information in the card looks quite realistic as well – the name and weight are indicated fine and no one would ever suspect me of using a fake document 🙂

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